10 Beautiful Wedding WordPress Themes of 2017

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If you ask married couples, they’ll probably tell you that preparing for their wedding was one of the most exhausting celebration events that they’ve ever planned for in their entire lives. With all the invitations, scouting locations for the wedding and reception, and logistics that go into it; it is indeed a challenge! But they will tell you how exciting and happy they were while going through it. In fact, it was also one of the best moments in their lives that they will remember forever. Amidst all the gamut in preparing for a wedding you may ask yourself, is it practical to have a wedding website? There are a variety of 10 beautiful wedding WordPress themes available on the internet.

The answer might be a bit more complicated than one could assume, but in the end, it all comes down how memorable you want your wedding day to be.

In the past, people normally take a lot of photographs from the wedding preparation, the wedding day itself and the reception. They put it in a photo album and look at it from time to time as the years go by to remind them how amazing life was the day when they got married. They also would hire professional photographers to do a video recording of the wedding event and save it in VHS, DVD or Bluray discs, and then rewatch it like they did with their photo albums.

As the times have changed having your own special wedding website is just as good as having a wedding photo album or a video recording, if not better. Actually creating a wedding website is convenient, because you get to send an invitation to your friends and relatives to your special day. You could also tell your story on how your beautiful relationship with your spouse started until it led to the day when you’ll exchange your wedding vows. You can showcase this via the photo gallery as well as the blog section of your wedding website. More importantly, you can provide them with the details of the functions, timing, and schedule of your wedding events.

Choose from the list of beautiful wedding wordpress themes below:


Faxhion - Remarkable Model Agency WordPress Themes

First on our list of best WordPress wedding themes is the OneLove. This professional multipurpose design features 21 demo homepages that are uniquely created to cater to couples and wedding planners to offer to their clients. You can use this theme for special occasions like announcing your wedding and wedding anniversaries. What’s great about the OneLove WordPress theme is that you can setup a one-page design where all of the details about your wedding are displayed on the homepage. And even more exciting is that this theme allows you to turn your wedding website into an online store once the wedding ceremonies are complete. You can sell wedding rings, clothing, and other decorations for couples who are also planning to get married, wedding planners and enthusiasts.

OneLove has an eCommerce feature that is powered by WooCommerce plugin – it’s a powerful tool for online business transactions that’s been proven effective by millions of users. But don’t just settle for the homepage, because you can also build several inner pages to showcase more of your love story including the bridesmaids and groomsmen. It also features amazing headers, is very responsive and has a customizable RSVP for your guests to signup online. You will love the OneLove WordPress theme as it is highly flexible and inexpensive tool to build your website!


Faxhion - Remarkable Model Agency WordPress Themes

Eternity has been carefully selected to be included in our best wedding WordPress theme list, because it’s very easy to use, has a beautiful design and lets you be in control when designing your website. This Eternity WordPress theme allows you to upload and display unlimited number of your wedding images and then showcase it to your audience in a slideshow directly from your homepage! And just like the OneLove theme it too comes with an RSVP widget where your guests can sign up if they’re interested to attend your wedding. Plus it is SEO optimized so therefore it is easier to be indexed in Google to get your site ranked and get media attention quickly. Eternity also supports child theme so that children can also view it and share your happiness during this momentous event in your life.


Faxhion - Remarkable Model Agency WordPress Themes

It’s hard to make top 10 picks for beautiful wedding wordpress themes when there are literally thousands of them worthy to have a spot here; however, since we could only accommodate 10, then we’ve decided that Neeqah should be in this list. To get you started on why this theme is great for a wedding website, allow me to enumerate its features. First is that it has an endless resource of color variations which would help you match your wedding’s color theme as well. You can easily edit and customize the site via the drag and drop interface feature that comes with it. Redirect your guests to a landing page where your RSVP form is located to let them sign up for the event, countdown timer, guestbook and events calendar.

The most unique and liked feature of the Neeqah WordPress theme is the personalized post type where you can update your relationship with your spouse and tell a story on how you met, how your relationship developed and how you finally decided to tie the knot forever. But personalization goes beyond that, because you can also upload your own logo or favicon to let everyone know that your wedding site is also your brand. It works well with high resolution and large images for people to see how beautiful you couples are. It also has a blog where you can write blog posts daily or as often as you want in order to make like a diary of sorts about your life (whether personal or business).

Perfect Couple

Faxhion - Remarkable Model Agency WordPress Themes

Create a simple yet elegant wedding website in minutes with the Perfect Couple WordPress theme! Although this theme was designed to have a simple and minimalist feel to it, yet it boasts a lot of features. For instance, it has a feature that lets you display bios and profiles of the bride and groom, their immediate families, relatives and close friends both on the homepage and inner pages. The theme gives you the option to upload a huge background image of anything you like (we recommend that you upload a couple’s photo of you and your spouse to make the site have a dramatic and romantic effect). While you can also include a countdown timer on the foreground or other items you wish to include on the homepage. It’s an extremely versatile theme that’s great for a wedding site.


Faxhion - Remarkable Model Agency WordPress Themes

Taken from the Indonesian word “kawin,” which means getting married, the Qaween wedding planner WordPress theme is perfect for couples who are on the verge of exchanging their marriage vows soon. Showcasing a variety of features which include a photo gallery, slideshow, RSVP form, countdown timer and four custom post types, this amazing WordPress theme comes in handy if you want to create a wedding website. It’s also highly responsive, so your website’s homepage will display perfectly on any device for people to appreciate it. Go crazy with its over 500 Google Fonts and nearly unlimited color palette when designing your homepage as well as inner pages. Enjoy Qaween’s simple flat design that has a lot of open space, simple yet elegant typography and more room to showcase your prenuptial and wedding images.

Lovey Dovey

Faxhion - Remarkable Model Agency WordPress Themes

True to its name the Lovey Dovey is one of the most versatile and endearing beautiful wedding wordpress themes in this list! It features manageable options via the drag and drop feature for your site and sports attractive homepage design. The theme has a special event post type where you can add short blurbs or updates about you and your spouse. You can also showcase your images using beautiful photo gallery, plus this theme already has an RSVP form for you to manage your guest list efficiently. Let your guests leave greetings and wishes via your guestbook or blog comments section. The Lovey Dovey truly lives up as one of the best free WordPress wedding themes around.

Love story

Faxhion - Remarkable Model Agency WordPress Themes

Originally intended as a theme for selling wedding items online, the Love Story WordPress wedding theme became popular with couples from all over the world who wanted to let their loved ones and friends know about their special day. Tell your story via a slideshow on the image gallery that can be displayed on the homepage or the blog section of your site. Its beautiful typography, images, and a stunning design makes an excellent wedding invitation card as oppose to traditional invitation cards. Also the integration of the Visual Composer plugin as well as the Revolution and Swiper Sliders will help you easily drag and drop elements like headers, text, and contact forms in order to quickly create your beautiful wedding site.

It also has the ability to translate English to other languages, so in case you have friends and relatives that are outside the United States and you need to inform or invite them to your wedding, then you can just use the translation tool so that they could understand what’s on your site. As we’ve mentioned before you can also use this theme to transform your wedding site into an online store later on. In fact, the shopping cart is already displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the page for your customers to click in case they’d like to purchase items from you. Overall this is a worthy inclusion in our beautiful wedding wordpress themes list.

Wedding Suite

Faxhion - Remarkable Model Agency WordPress Themes

Tired of looking for the most appropriate website theme for your site? Well, if you’re getting married or are a wedding planner company, then the Wedding Suite WordPress theme should be your primary focus! That’s because it’s feature-rich that’s very responsive and has been coded lightly for faster load times. All the standard wedding website features that you’re looking for is in this theme, which includes an RSVP form, countdown timer and guestbook. Lavish your site with tons of this theme’s features like social media and blogging widgets, elegant predesigned color schemes, customizable headers, light and dark color options, nine menu styles, Typekit integration, wide/boxed layouts and unlimited color options.


Faxhion - Remarkable Model Agency WordPress Themes

This strikingly beautiful wedding theme from WordPress will make you instantly fall in love with it. Emma is easily a website theme for couples who are in the process of planning their wedding. It’s very easy to use and the dashboard and control panels are all done via click and drag that will make you an expert in web design even if you have no prior knowledge about website coding or computer programming. But if you do know CSS or know someone who knows how to code a site, then you can just use the CSS tool for minor changes. Plus this theme is also SEO optimized which means that it will be easily indexed in Google and get your website ranked and media attention very quickly. It also comes with all the standard features for a wedding website including a child theme template.


Faxhion - Remarkable Model Agency WordPress Themes

The final entry in our top 10 beautiful wedding WordPress themes is the Yes website theme. It is no doubt the ultimate responsive one-page wedding theme and is also rich in features. Yes is very easy to use that you can create a wedding site in minutes even if you’re not an expert or have no web design experience before! Choose from among the 15 demo homepage to design your best wedding website and be absolutely satisfied with the outcome. Its social media widgets that include Instagram will showcase your Instagram feeds on the bottom section of the homepage, so you can get updates from your friends and relatives in real time. Make a stunning bio, stories and important persons by using the blog section and matching fonts and background as well as foreground colors from its unlimited color palette. By the way, it already comes with an RSVP form and other important wedding features like countdown timer, location (via Google Maps) and guestbook.

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Roshan Bajaj information

Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

About Roshan Bajaj information

Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

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