10 Reasons Why Your Next Website Should Be On WordPress

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Planning to build a website? How do you plan to approach that? For building a custom website, you normally have two options – 1) Hire a developer/company 2) do it yourself. Either way, you will need a great platform to build and launch your site. I recommend WordPress.

Did you know that more than 40% of the overall websites are built on WordPress?

Being a leading IT service provider with a rich history in website development & designing, we (SAG IPL) feel that WordPress truly deserves the honor of being called the kind of content management systems (CMS).

Wondering why WordPress?

Presently, WordPress is the most popular and used website development software in the market. It is feature-rich, easy to use, universal, and most importantly, cost-effective. With this CMS, you can get a fully-featured website in just about $500 or even less.

Furthermore, by developing your website in WordPress, you will add it to the league of some of the most prestigious websites online.

WordPress powers some of the biggest websites on the internet, including the websites of the New York Observer, USA Today, CNN, New York Post, TED, Fortune.com, National Post, TIME.com, etc.

Top Reasons to use WordPress for Web Development

Here’s why you should choose WordPress for your next website development project.


One of the things that make WordPress the best place to host your site is that it is completely free. It is an open source CMS which can be downloaded and used by simply anyone. In addition, you get access to thousands of free plugins and themes to help your website with great features and functionalities. Moreover, all the future updates on your website CMS will also be completely free.

In short, you can get your website up and running by hiring a WordPress developer in India for not more than $500.

2. Super Easy to Use

Another thing that makes WordPress better than any other CMS out there is its highly intuitive and easy to use interface, which makes web development and customization a breeze for everyone, especially for non-techies.

Also, if you have been looking to build a website on your own, there is no better option than WordPress. With its friendly and flexible admin panel and hundreds of tutorials available on the internet, anyone can build a basic to the advanced website easily and in no time. However, you may still need help with the customization or coding work, for which you can hire a qualified WordPress Developer.

3.Global Access

Being a globally accessible platform, WordPress is the perfect CMS for building websites with international users/customers. These sites are hosted on a global platform, making them easier to reach and access.

Another great thing about WordPress is that it is platform independent, which means you can open and access your website admin panel anywhere and at any time, as long as you have a working internet connection. This makes it convenient for owners to update their sites, even on the go.

4.Comes Prepared

Another reason why WordPress is the best CMS for beginners and startups is that it comes fully prepared with complete configuration, plugins, themes, etc. All you have to do is install the right theme and plugins as per your requirements and interest and start using it.

However, if you are looking to customize the theme with major changes or want to integrate specific features which do not come pre-installed, you may need to hire the services of an experienced WordPress developer.

5.Backed by A Massive Community

Do not worry even if you’re just starting with WordPress and do not have any previous knowledge or experience with this CMS, because the CMS is backed by a strong community of thousands of developers and users, who will gladly help you with anything related to website development.

So, the next time you’re stuck with a coding question, feel free to search through this massive WordPress community or post your query there to be answered by professional experts. In addition, you can always connect with us (at SAG IPL) for resolutions of your web development questions.

6.Search Engine Friendly

Another benefit of using WordPress is that search engines love it. Why? Well, for one, the CMS is written in a very clear and crisp code, which makes it friendly both to search engines and the developers. Secondly, it is optimized for SEO purpose, which means the websites developed on WordPress follow search engines’ guidelines of user-centric design, easy navigation, mobile responsiveness, etc., all of which contribute to ranking your site in Google.

In addition, you can create and use customized keywords, meta tags, title, etc. for each page on your site to make them more SEO friendly. Moreover, you can use free SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO for further optimizing your site pages.

7.Responsive Design

With Google’s mobile-first index and other mobile preference guidelines, mobile-friendly web design is no longer a luxury but a must. Thankfully, WordPress themes, plugins and all other content already come optimized to seamlessly work on all the leading mobile platforms and screen sizes.

With more consumers now browsing the internet on smartphones than desktop devices, there is a good chance that your targeted customers exist on mobile. A WordPress site will help you reach them.

8.High Security

With the world of the internet becoming the playfield of hackers and cyber-terrorists, it is now more crucial than ever to build a secure and safe online presence. WordPress, with its high-end security measures and top level encryption, ensures that your data and site remain protected against all the usual and unusual online threats. The CMS is updated on a regular basis, removing bugs and security risks. Also, the site owners are provided with the backup option to keep their important data safe against hacks.


The true power of WordPress lies in its themes. Themes are templates which are ready to install and use on any website. Themes are what makes it easy and flexible for developers to create the websites of their liking. The CMS comes integrated with hundreds of themes, both free and paid, which one can simply install on their site and customize it according to their needs and purpose.

WordPress themes are available in a wide variety of designs and styles and for various purposes, including blogging, e-commerce, business site, portfolios, etc. They can be customized to a nearly unlimited extent. These themes are developed and uploaded by community users. You can hire yourself a custom WordPress theme developer here.


Besides themes, plugins are the second most powerful aspect of WordPress. They are the tools that let you extend the usability, features, and functionality of your existing site without doing or adding much to it.

WordPress has an extensive library of both free and paid plugins, which you can easily install (direct from the Admin panel) and use to add advanced functionalities and features to your website.

Convinced yet? WordPress is the best tool for developing clean, user-friendly, SEO-optimized and affordable websites, for every purpose and in any industry. It is a perfect web development option whether you’re an individual, a startup or an established firm looking to build a strong online reputation or customer base for your business. Being the best and most popular CMS out there, WordPress can help you build fast loading and user-centric websites.

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