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The modern era has seen only two types of major changes in society so far and the first one was the industrial revolution, which is characterized by modern bulky machines, steam engines and analog computers of the early 20th century. The second major change in the modern times is the digital revolution and it is defined by how we’ve achieved global communication on a scale never seen before. The third major change perhaps will be the highly anticipated artificial intelligence or A.I.; however, we’re still in the digital age and there is much more to expect from it.

Today, the digital age as we call it, is largely defined by only one thing – the internet.The internet is largely dominated by large and small businesses, social media sites, online communities and other users. When the internet began it was like an exclusive club for boys only due to the high-level of technical skills required to use it, much less understand it; and women were left to simply just writing blogs, joining forum discussions and playing flash-based games. But even before the first decade of the new millennium had ended the number of women who wanted to create a strong presence online skyrocketed. Now thanks to the beautiful girly & feminine wordpress themes it made even more women interested to setup shop on the web!

The time when men dominated the web has faded and lately the internet has become a neutral place where both men and women can do business and have an equal opportunity for success. These feminine WordPress blog themes are powerful, flexible and designed to elegant perfection will enable women to find the tools that empower them and their opinions in a way tailored to their needs. The feminine feel that women’s website offer would even have other women tend to gravitate towards and it’s a good thing, because it indicates user/customer engagement, which is an essential element for any business to succeed. Plus most of these free pink WordPress themes tend to look a lot more professional than regular sites and it must be the reason why people love to visit and subscribe.

We’ve selected the top 15 beautiful girly & feminine wordpress themes for you to choose from if you’re a woman and are looking for website themes that appeal to your taste.


This feminine WordPress theme is simple yet elegant and boasts a lot of useful features.To start with it has a fully loaded customizable dashboard for you to create the best homepage that will define your brand. You can change the color palette, navigation ribbons, text colors, borders, and more to cater to your feminine audience. This theme is also very responsive and works perfectly on any browser as well as desktop and mobile device. If you’re keen about girly stuff like arts and crafts, fashion and makeup, cakes and pastries, or food in general, then this theme is for you!


  • Company branding with logo, blog signature, and favicon upload.
  • Included image carousel page template.
  • Built-in mosaic tiling image galleries with lightbox feature.
  • Full post or excerpt toggle.
  • User-friendly navigation drop down menus.

Tawney - feminine wordpress themes

The Essence

For those who want to build a magazine style or a simple girly blog, the Essence feminine WordPress theme would be right for you. This theme comes with a custom front-end styler called the MeridianStyler which is handy for website editing, so you can customize your homepage as much as you want in order to meet your brand’s requirements. To give you an example of what you can do with the MeridianStyler tool, you can easily change typography,colors, adjust the spacing and the background.

And if that isn’t enough, then you can also choose from the more than 17 different types of pre-made homepage layouts and outperform your toughest competitors. If you’re also good with HTML5 and CSS programming, then you can further customize this theme to augment it and enhance the girly feel to the site.


  • Tons of customizable color options
  • Translation ready
  • Custom Instagram Widget plugin
  • Featured slider in both the Header and Footer areas
  • Social media icon integration

The Essence - best girly free wordpress themes


If there was ever a theme that would literally define the beautiful girly
feminine wordpress themesM
that we’ve featured on this list, then this one would definitely be it! Girly, as its name suggests, is a feminine-centric website theme that’s easy to use, versatile and powerful. The homepage layout is so ridiculously beautiful that it will absolutely daze your audience the moment the visit the site. In fact, if you’ll check the visitor duration per page on Google Analytics, you will see that most of it is on the homepage. It’s also fully responsive, so that it will display without any issues on any device.

Unique would be the best feature of this theme and by using the Soliloquy Slider and its built-in templates, you can customize your site to your heart’s content. Adding widgets on the sidebar or the footer will also help users to engage and interact with you and maybe even buy from you.


  • Portfolio and grid layout options.
  • Large featured post images with or without post excerpts.
  • WPML ready.
  • Basic WooCommerce support.
  • Live Theme Customizer with additional theme specific customizing options.

beautiful girly & feminine wordpress themes


According to Uptrends, a website monitoring solution, they’ve seen a 43% increase in user engagement on sites with feminine WordPress blog themes more than any other sites. One such theme is Jessica and with its features it is sure to make your online shop stand out from the rest and enhance your eCommerce abilities! With the integrated WP e-commerce, iThemes Exchange and WooCommerce it ensures that business transactions and purchases run smoothly.


  • Mobile responsive and perfectly optimized.
  • Footer widgets display featured products, top rated products, and sale items. Use 10 homepage and 5 site wide widget areas.
  • Easily customize theme settings, colors, background images, and content.
  • Translation ready.

Jessica - feminine wordpress blog themes


Who says you can’t get the best of both worlds is wrong, because not all Beautiful Girly & Feminine WordPress Themes were made with extreme extravaganza and there are website themes that has a modern touch yet minimalist feel to them. Ideally this theme is good for all kinds of websites; however, its simplistic ambient form makes it suitable for female bloggers who are keen on writing about fashion, lifestyle, food and other feminine topics.

A good example of why this WordPress theme is amenable to use for all types of website is because of its wide variety of styling and customization options, which is over 250 styles! Plus it also has 3 alternative homepage layout styles and a navigation menu right at the website footer for your convenience.


  • MeridianStyler and Live Theme Customizer maximize changes
  • Sidebar, column, and full width content choices.
  • Social media icon integration.
  • Large rotating featured images with related category labels.
  • Custom About Me Page widget.

Heart&Style - beautiful girly & feminine wordpress themes

Halcyon Pro

Another website them with a minimalist feel that coincides with those free pink WordPress themes is the Halcyon Pro. Its clean and light design plus having just the right amount of features makes it ideal for your blog or website. The theme’s features include,


  • SEO ready
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Integrated social media widgets
  • WooCommerce
  • Polylang
  • WPML
  • Change color schemes
  • Multiple fonts to choose from.
  • Has 6 home page layouts and 13 header layouts

Its SEO and social media integration features will help you generate web traffic and boost profits efficiently.

Halcyon Pro - feminine wordpress blog themes

Blossom Feminine Pro

There’s nothing like saying how much feministic you are than highlighting it on your website! And just like the many beautiful girly & feminine wordpress themes to pick out of, the Blossom Feminine Pro has been designed to give that elegant “chic” aesthetic look and feel to visitors upon getting on your homepage. Almost everyone now has gone mobile with the convenience of their mobile phones and other handheld devices, so it makes sense that an Instagram widget was included in this theme, which you can find at the footer of the homepage. You’ll get more subscribers via Instagram with its over 500 million registered users. Doodle your site from the multiple layouts, typography, and color option that this theme has and make the best out of it!

beautiful girly & feminine wordpress themes

Bakes and Cakes Pro

Thinking about starting a food blog? Well, the Bakes and Cakes Pro theme should be your primary choice to accentuate your website! This foodie with a touch of feminine feel WordPress theme is excellent for drawing in crowds and create an authority site that many will reference to when they talk about food and drink and other related stuff. This feminine theme is SEO ready, responsive and speed optimized will absolutely impress both you and your audience!

Bakes and Cakes Pro feminine wordpress blog themes

Fluid Magazine

If you’re one of those fashion enthusiasts called, “fashionistas” or you’re just crazy about celebrity gossips and entertainment news, then the Fluid Magazine feminine WordPress theme is right for you. Its custom widgets and sidebar features lets you display featured posts, popular posts, recent posts and social links with ease. The Fluid Magazine theme was designed to help you create a content-rich site, so keep your audience updated about the entertainment industry regularly with this nifty WordPress theme.

Fluid Magazine feminine wordpress blog themes


Cion is a one of those unique feminine WordPress blog themes, because it combines the aspects of a magazine style website and that of a classical blog. This theme is most convenient for those people who don’t like too much clutter on their homepage and yet keep that classical appeal on their site. WordPress also incorporated their ePanel theme options for Cion which allows you to customize your site via the click & drag feature. This means that you don’t have to be good at programming language, because WordPress has taken care of the technical stuff already.


  • Perpetual updates
  • Secure and valid code
  • Browser compatibility
  • Complete localization
  • Unparalleled support

Cion best girly free wordpress themes


Too often, because there are thousands upon thousands of beautiful girly
feminine wordpress themes
to choose from that it becomes a challenge for anyone who wants their website to stand out from the rest. However, any WordPress theme is just as good as other themes, because each one comes with a dashboard and control panel that lets you customize your site until you find the most suitable design that corresponds to your needs. Enter the Soledad theme! It is a highly sophisticated, aesthetically refined and visually stunning feminine WordPress theme. It has over 250 predesigned homepage demos, over 250 customization options for all your elements and more than 100 blog and slider combinations will make you look like Picasso in designing your homepage layout.

Soledad - feminine wordpress themes


Perhaps you may also want something fresh, bold, dynamic and appealing WordPress theme that is highly responsive and is awesome for blogging? Cheerup would definitely fulfill those requirements and with its 100 plus unique blog layouts and predesigned demo homepages, you’ll never run out of combination options to get your website exactly as you desire it to look like. You’ll have complete control over your website with Cheerup’s beautiful header, footer, post and menu styling options.

Cheerup- beautiful girly & feminine wordpress themes


Designed specifically to appeal to women the Parlour feminine WordPress theme gives any woman who wishes to start their online business or blog powerful tools to accomplish their dreams. Parlour’s features will give you speed, flexibility and efficiency that helps your website generate a sufficient amount of web traffic to help your business grow expediently and ensure profit. Loosely based off of Ulkit 3 and Elementor the Parlour theme is user-friendly and has fast load times. You’ll also get the Slider Revolution plugin which allows you to create full page animated sliders in minutes, and you don’t even have to code anything!

parlour - beautiful girly & feminine wordpress themes


Divi is perhaps the most famous of all the WordPress thems including the ones listed here in the Beautiful Girly & Feminine WordPress Themes. With its advanced HTML5, CSS3 and BootStrap 3 technologies it will allow you to bring to life all imaginable needs and requirements. Divi has endless personalization and customization with incredibly versatile plugins and tools that will not only make your site elegant and classy, but also help you realize your dreams whether it’s a professional or a personal one. Built to adhere to Google’s SEO requirements Divi is sure to make your website stand out and get indexed speedily!

Divi - feminine wordpress blog themes


You may think that starting a food & drink website is impractical these days as there are thousands of them already exists; however, the competition is never on anyone’s favor because as long as you are passionate about what you’re doing, then surely you will succeed on any website niche you choose to establish yourself in. The Foodica WordPress theme is technologically feature-rich and intuitive, user friendly, flexible and delicate and is also very responsive will absolutely showcase your cooking prowess! You’ll be thrilled write tons of food related content for users who also like to read about them – and there are plenty of food enthusiasts online.

foodica - beautiful girly & feminine wordpress themes

Create your ultimate dream website and be the star of your own show! Encourage millions of web users to visit your site and subscribe and grow your online business today by choosing anyone of these free pink WordPress themes.

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Roshan Bajaj information

Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

About Roshan Bajaj information

Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

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