15 Best Instagram WordPress Themes And Plugins 2018

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Social media is a huge part of internet marketing; in fact, there is a 76% probability that your internet business will not survive if it lacks a presence in the top 15 social media sites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest and LinkedIn are among the top social networking sites that you should be on just to keep abreast with your competitors. In a recent survey from DreamGrow.com it showed that Instagram ranked third on the top 15 social media sites for 2017 next to Facebook (at No. 1) and YouTube claiming the second place. Here is the beautiful collection of 15 best instagram plugins for WordPress in 2018.

Why Choose Instagram as a Marketing Platform?

To start with, Instagram was purchased by Facebook back in April of 2012 for $1 billion and since then a significant amount of marketing effort has been funneled towards it, which makes it a go-to place to hang out as much as Facebook is by web users. Today there are roughly 800,000 monthly active users on Instagram which means that it is a very lucrative place to advertise your business on and get lots of subscribers and followers to patronize your brand. You’ll be able to connect with your customers better, because Instagram is a photo-centric social media platform. So if their captions and hashtags use similar keywords that you use for your products, then your business/products is grouped together under those same tags or keywords which makes it easier for other users to find.

You’ll also be able to learn what products or brands people like based on their posts easily, reach new audiences, gain a competitive advantage and generate sales. Adding these best free Instagram plugin for WordPress on your WP-based website will have a greater impact on your business when you’ll do internet marketing.

AccessPress Instagram Feed Plugin for WordPress (Free)

Your WordPress website may be great with the content, image galleries, homepage layout and all, but do you get enough visitors to make it lit? Normally you would only add widgets to the sidebars or the footers of your site to let users check your Facebook or Instagram page; however, with the AccessPress Instagram Feed Plugin you can simultaneously publish your Instagram feed on your homepage without any distracting image descriptions surrounding them! Get the AccessPress Instagram Feed Plugin now and turn your boring website into a party page for your Instagram followers.

WP Instagram Widget

WordPress theme with Instagram feed

This is a very useful WordPress theme with Instagram feed for your website, even though it is technically a widget more than a theme. With a straightforward plugin download and installation you won’t actually have to authenticate your Instagram integration to your site anymore. And you just choose where you want this widget to be displayed on your site. Lightly coded to ensure that it will not take up so much internet bandwidth that makes load times of the homepage a little lengthier than normal. Proven and tested on over 200,000 websites the WP Instagram Widget got an average user rating of 4.2 stars out of a possible 5 stars, which is a very good rating for a WP widget.

Feed Them Social Plugin (Free)

best social media plugins for WordPress

Internet marketers say that your social media profile IS your BRAND! So, if you’re already famous on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, then using the Feed Them by the best social media plugins for WordPress blog or website is exactly what you need to please your audience. In case you didn’t know yet, you can view Instagram profiles by doing a simple Google search and you’ll get to view yours or someone else’s profiles, pictures and videos at roughly 50% more in size than what you can see on your phone. This is exactly what this plugin does – display the desktop version of your Instagram account. But it’s not just limited to Instagram, because you can also showcase pictures and videos from your other social media accounts directly from your homepage.

Instagram Journal

best social media plugins for WordPress

Some of the best free Instagram plugin for WordPress aren’t free sometimes, and because premium plugins like Instagram Journal requires a $19 fee to get a regular license for it plus an additional $5.63 to get extended support for 12 months, it can sometimes discourage website owners from purchasing it. But if you think about the benefits of having this plugin installed on your website, then that $25 amount is a meager worth of cash compared to the boost in web traffic you’ll get, not to mention the sales you’ll generate plus all other monetization methods you can make money out of. Instagram Journal is worth the investment.

This plugin also allows you to display content from certain users, items tagged with specific hashtags, and photos you’ve liked besides displaying your profile’s feed. You get to choose which photos and videos get featured on your WordPress website with the Instagram Journal plugin and you’ll have an impressive selection of galleries for presenting your chosen content. The plugin does not interfere with your website’s responsiveness, so you can be sure that your homepage will be properly displayed on any device. You can also customize color backgrounds and foregrounds, fonts, image sizes, photo layouts and other visual styles using this plugin in order to give a dramatic effect of your Instagram feed on your homepage.

Instagram Feed WD Plugin from Web Dorado (Free)

best free Instagram plugin for WordPress - Instagram Feed WD Plugin

Web Dorado has been creating amazing website themes, apps and plugins for WordPress for quite a while now, and they’ve proven themselves a competitive service provider on many occasions. Their latest creation which is the Instagram Feed WD Plugin is something that you’ll want to look into if you want to add more essence to your site. This plugin is available in free mode, personal ($25 for 6 months), business ($40 for 1 year), and developer ($60 for 1 year). Depending on which license type you’ll get, you can have unlimited domains plus dozens of other benefits that goes along with it! This is a great WP plugin for displaying your Instagram feed on your website.


best free Instagram plugin for WordPress - Instagram Feed WD Plugin

Here’s another Instagram style WordPress plugin that you can install on your website that will display your Instagram feed or a customized version of it on your homepage. With Grace WordPress plugin for Instagram you can choose from a range of layouts when you’ll want to create your feeds. For instance, you can include the masonry, justified, fixed height grid, and an image slider for your photo gallery. This plugin brings along tons of options which are well worth exploring as oppose to adding an Instagram widget to your site. You’ll have the ability to display photos based on hashtags, locations, photos and user accounts that users have specifically liked.

It also has the drag-and-drop card builder tool to make web design like child’s play for you. Grace also gives you full control over which Instagram content you wish to publish and which to discard, so that only the highlights will get displayed on your site. You can share other content from non-Instagram social networking sites also, which should diversify your feed.

InstaLink Instagram Widget Plugin (Premium)

InstaLink Instagram Widget Plugin (Premium)

Tired of the same old best free Instagram plugin for WordPress? Well, why not get a paid plugin like the Instalink Instagram Widget Premium Plugin? Enjoy doodling with your exported Instagram feed onto your website’s homepage endlessly until you’re satisfied! And because it’s a premium plugin, you’ll be able to do more with it compared to the free versions of it. You can upload and change headers as well as its colors, edit image size, fonts, and other items on the plugin. Your satisfaction is guaranteed on this premium WordPress plugin for sure!

Flexi Instagram Feed

best Instagram WordPress theme

There’s something about a website’s success and the best Instagram WordPress theme that seem to pull business people to choose WordPress and its themes and plugins as their primary web design platform. Like for example, the Flexi Instagram Feed! This theme has some interesting Instagram layouts that would be great to feature on your site. You can choose from the standard carousel gallery formats which is the default Instagram display on your phone, and the Polaroid layout which adds accent to your photos ala retro style.

You can also let your audience know where the picture was taken via the world map layout mode, so that in case they want to follow in your footsteps (if you happen to be a travel junkie), then they can use your Instagram feed as their guide. This plugin gives you more control over what you want to show on your feed such as the date of posting, comments, likes, caption, user name and more. Additional animation effects will help display your images in a more dramatic fashion.

The Visual Composer page builder plugin is where you access the widgets for this theme, in case you need more widgets to add to your site besides the Flexi Instagram Feed. The theme is also mobile responsive which means that it will automatically readjust and display your website’s content efficiently even on mobile devices. Plus you also get a preview of any changes you’ll make on the site, so you can choose the kind of layout you want before publishing it to your audience.

InstaShow Instagram Feed Gallery Plugin (Premium)

free Instagram plugin for WordPress

The secret to tapping and harnessing Instagram’s API is with the InstaShow Instagram Feed Gallery plugin! There is nothing that you cannot do with this premium plugin, because it gives you absolute control over your IG feed on your website which means that you customize the best of the best of your highlights and give your audience puppy eyes while watching over your images.

Edit the metadata displayed on it, color scheme, image sizes, number of images displayed per page, filters and a whole lot more! Even more interesting is the inclusion of 14 different options to alter the UI, which gives you the ability to adjust the automation, speed, animation and navigation of the image pop-ups on your site.

Enjoy with best Instagram Plugins for WordPress

Enjoy with best Instagram Plugins for WordPress

If your website is based on the WordPress platform and you wanted to show your Instagram feed directly from your homepage, then the Enjoy plugin for Instagram would be a fitting choice. Your Instagram photos and videos will be displayed in the photo grid and carousel style schemes, and you’ll also have the ability to import content from specific user accounts and hashtags so you can customize your feed to your liking. You can also display IG feeds via the sidebar widget or shortcodes, which will allow you to insert your content’s feed into your posts and pages.

Additionally the lightbox effect designed specifically to allow users to view your Instagram images in a much larger version. You’ll have lots of options when publishing your Instagram feed on your website with the Enjoy plugin.

Instagram Feed Plugin by Smash Balloon (Free)

Wordpress Instagram Plugin by Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon web app developers have created the best Instagram WordPress theme that allows you to consolidate your multiple Instagram feeds into a single feed on your website! Besides its consolidating features it also gives you some great customization options like editing the layout, color, image size, spacing, image display styles, etc. This is a must-have WP plugin for people who own several Instagram accounts.

Instagram Slider Widget

Instagram Slider Widget

Perhaps the simplest Instagram widget for WordPress, the Instagram Slider does exactly what its name says on the posters – it turns your Instagram feed into an image slider right from the homepage of your site. You can also display your feed in grid mode as oppose to the image slider format. It’s very simple to install and configure that you don’t even need to set up API access to do it, and you’ll only need your (or other) IG username(s). The Instagram Slider widget also allows you to update your posts and set the updating intervals in hours, plus all the thumbnails are locally stored, so load times will be instantaneous.

DsgnWrks Instagram Importer

DsgnWrks Instagram Importer plugin

Some Instagram plugins for WordPress are not limited to displaying your IG feed as is on the homepage of your site or the image gallery, or other inner pages of it. The DsgnWrks Instagram Importer was designed to import your Instagram photos as posts or into an already existing post in the blog section of your WordPress site. Now that is a new and unique way of displaying your IG feed on your site!

EasyNote Instagram WordPress Theme

Easynote Instagram WordPress Themes

In some cases, it isn’t good to make your Instagram feed the main highlight of your website, but as a subsection of it perhaps displayed on the sidebar or footer of your site. If this is what you prefer, then the EasyNote Instagram WordPress theme is for you. It showcases the best of the best of your website layout without diminishing your other important content that you wish to show to your audience. You’ll absolutely love the EasyNote theme!

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Roshan Bajaj information

Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

About Roshan Bajaj information

Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

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