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Photography is a form of art that has the ability to capture intriguing aspects of the world around us. The photos that you take are no doubt captivating and striking, but if you are looking for a way to achieve maximum impact on the online world, you need to get access to the best photography WordPress themes apart from professional WordPress maintenance services for your website. These themes have the power to make your website more expressive and popular.

Selecting a specific theme depends upon what exactly are you looking for in your business website. You can be looking for more focus on design and typography, while others may be looking to highlight their portfolios in a more engaging manner. There are many paid and best free photography WordPress themes available in the online world. You can pick the one that fits your requirements in the best possible way and make wave for your business to flourish.

The most common device on the planet is mobile phones. We rely on these gadgets to complete every little or big thing in our lives like order food or shop for your favorite clothes. It is also considered as a booming place for professional photographers, looking to enhance their business prospects.

Whether you are a tech-savvy artist or not, there are some of the best free photography WordPress themes 2017 that will allow you to manage your online business in a jiffy. After setting up the framework, you can add features, aesthetic enhancements, and other plugins to your website following simple steps.

Here are some of the best photography WordPress themes that will revolutionize your business opportunities.


Uncode is a beautiful and best WordPress photography theme free responsive product that is gorgeous and easy to use. It is highly robust and reliable website that is able to craft the most attractive and modern pages, with a single line of programming. It has a capacity of thorough customization and has sleek plugins that won’t make your website heavy or pages load slower. If you are looking for the best free photography WordPress themes, then this is your best choice!

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Your theme should strike a balance between attractive design and letting your photography do the talking. Exposure will help you achieve this desired result by providing a theme that will not overpower your photographs and will deliver your message straight to the visitors. It’s plain pastel colors and elegant typography is a brilliant example of letting your photographs take the center stage. You will also have a plethora of theme customization options, shortcodes, and other plugins to enhance the usability of this theme.

Credit: Themeforest

Massive Dynamic

This is a purposeful theme that is professional and also image-centric. Loaded with features like powerful website builder, cohesive toolkit, sophisticated design, and fits a large scale of diverse fields and interests. It integrates layout edition and shortcode deployment that makes the theme nifty and visually delightful. Combined with a powerful and rich library, these gorgeous composed layouts will perfectly display your photography. Let your users shift through your content swiftly and you can even integrate online shops.

Credit: AtTheme


With Photocrati, you can get 60 different and creative homepage styles, blogging tools, commerce tools, multiple device compatibility, and much more. It also has built-in SEO features that you can easily customize. It’s clean and crisp structure will allow your photographs to become the star of the show, while neatly displaying all the necessary information. This theme does not have a particular design but has unique templates that you can select and customize a theme around the area.

Credit: 85 Ideas


Kalium is a gorgeous and engaging theme that is made with modern and lightweight programming. It is a bright and colorful website that is perfect for portfolio and even online shopping themes. It is also ideal for photographers, photojournalists, and photography enthusiasts, who prefer plenty of customization options. You can organize and make your galleries engaging. You can also opt for a myriad photo hover effect animation that ensures that you always find the right way to your content for your audience. It also has features like revolution sliders, layer sliders, and visual composer. Give new life to your images with Kalium.

Credit: JoJo Themes


Moon is an ideal blog and portfolio theme that is great for people in creative fields like photography. It also includes distinctive features that will present your audio, video, and photos in the most organized manner. It also has a great degree of mobility, which is entirely responsive and highly compatible with mobile devices. You can write blogs and upload your raw images for commercial use as well, and become an elite photographer. The user can eliminate personalized colors and textures for every panel, to showcase their artwork as they want. Everything is intuitive and user-friendly, and you don’t need any WordPress experience.

Credit: ThemeForest


This theme is specifically designed for you to take your photos website to the next level. It includes multiple styles, RTL support, and other various blogs style. You can easily customize your website with a clean and versatile one-line programming. This prize-winning theme offers a great platform for photographers looking to make their mark on this digital landscape. Online documentations are also provided, in case the user wants to educate themselves about the purchase and the authenticity of their product.

Credit: ThemeForest


Diva means much more than just a derogatory word that is meant to hurt someone by implying the negativity in their nature. Both the theme and the concept represents the pinnacle of style and class, taken to the realm of art. This photography theme is able to irrevocably prove that you not only have good taste but great class too. It takes inspiration from Redux framework and visual composer, both tools that make your profile noticeable on the digital marketplace. The complexity of the theme does not stop it from working great on mobile platforms. It fits beautifully on any mobile device and you can ascend to the highest peak of success with this theme.

Credit: WebDesignDev


Bild is a WordPress oriented theme that comes with 4 homepages, and many other payouts for sliders and portfolio. You will get a clean concept that is minimalistic and strong. This way, you can make your photographs stand out from the rest of the crowd. This theme is highly specialized in suitable variants like journalism, art, commercial, and even publicity sectors. You can play with the fonts from HK to Google Fonts. Create your own professional reference and upload tons of images on sliders, galleries, and portfolio. You will also get a customizable base of 6 colors palette with a retina layout. Bild pixels are smooth and perfect and are also a great platform for mobile-friendly designs.

Credit: Thembel


If you are looking for a very attractive and laboriously developed, highly responsive WordPress website, then this is the one for you! It is extremely modern and visually minimalist designs, which will devote a full screen for your photographs. It is a highly powerful website that has a carefully selected set of features, which are seasoned with webmasters and other amazing plugins. It employs a streamlined and simple web design, which is process centered and displays powerful visual content. The highly uncluttered design makes this theme suitable for handling high-resolution photos with ease. It has features like full-screen presentation, customizable sizes, and retina ready out of the box, and much more.

Credit: Themeforest


Foto is considered one of the most wonderful and incredibly beautiful WordPress website theme that is resourceful and convenient to use. It is a purposeful website that aims to provide amateur and professional photographers the perfect platform to display their work to the world. It is developed with sophisticated and modern specifications that fully customize your functional and branding specifications. Foto is highly equipped with one of the most ambitious and thorough collections of photography and settings available in the market today. With flexible settings and incredible layouts, you will have 20 different and unique variations for your gallery pages that will help you pick the one that fits your requirements in the best way possible.

Credit: colorlib

Travis WP

Travis WP is a photo gallery WordPress theme that comes with beautiful layouts and premium features compatibilities. The theme is for photographers, freelancers, and artists trying to make their way on the digital landscape. It’s simple and sophisticated design helps you to display your high-resolution images in full screen. You will get exclusive CSS and JS filed with more than 10 types of galleries. The pixels are of perfect quality and available in many formats. You don’t need any coding or programming skills to set up online expositions. The layouts can be boxed in full-width mode and writing posts are available in over 650 Google Fonts. The theme is for professionals looking to give their work some serious touch.

Credit: Pixel Curse

NOAH is a photography WordPress theme that is modern, edgy, and sophisticated. It specializes in pleasing even the hard to please audience. It fully dedicates its platform to your high-resolution photographs. You can further add animated photos, galleries features, and customizable layout. This is filled with features like incredible animations and customizable layouts that will allow different posting formats. NOAH is appealing not only for designs options but also for no coding requirements. It is very easy to use and is also SEO optimized. It works great with fashion companies, looking for freelance bloggers. You can change the colors, fonts, and anything else in terms of designs. It is a very reliable product and well praised by many freelance photographers.

Credit: Pixel Grade


This is a flat and trendy website theme that is suitable for photographers and videographers. If you want to promote your work online and increase your service availability than this is the one for you! You can easily install and customize this theme as per your requirements, and impress your potential clients. It is fully responsive and adjusts fittingly to all kinds of devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. You can now impress your targeted audience with your finest skills, by displaying your work on this theme. You can customize post types and formats, to display content in a more interactive manner. You can also add widgets to add your appeal to the website. Powered by Cherry Framework, this theme is intuitive and highly responsive on every platform like mobile devices.

Credit: Colorlib


With constant updates, this theme is growing and improving with the modern world. Its current version supports both video and light boxes, with additional choices for the number of columns in the archive grid. It is modestly priced and has the potential to catapult your page to the next level of heights and success. It also has perfect backdrops and designed to showcase your creativity in the best possible way.

Credit: ThemeForest
With these amazing best WordPress photography themes, you can finally showcase your best work to your audiences in the most intuitive manner. Customize as per your requirements and display your best work on a worthy platform that will increase your online presence in a jiffy.

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