17 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

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Ever since social networking took the Internet by storm, more and more businesses are making their presence known on the social media a lot stronger. Being available on all social media platform at all times becomes difficult and tedious. Majority of websites on the Internet is powered by WordPress. There are thousands of social media plugins for a website available that will revolutionize the way you change your social activities of a business.

Your clients want to know more about your business and what you do on a daily basis. This includes social media as a huge part of your everyday business. Facebook has hit 1.15 billion marks this year, and Twitter and other networks are on there way too. Gone are the days of television advertising, as social media has changed the landscape of business promotion. Now you can connect with millions of your followers with a simple click and fraction of the cost with these plugins.

You can easily connect with your target audience, based on demographics, jobs, interests, and much more. You can also drive a huge traffic back to your website by adding URLs, which users can then click. From services and products to blogs, you can promote anything and everything on the social media platform.

To cut down your time and make things simpler for you, here is a list of some of the best social media plugins for WordPress:

Monarch Social Sharing

Monarch is known as a premium social sharing WordPress plugin designed by Elegant Themes. It includes lifetime licenses of development and is a great way to cater to all your social media needs. With over 35 social media networks in the market, 5 different button location, built-in custom color scheme, and much more. Install this WordPress dashboard on your website.

best social media plugins for wordpress


Facebook Likebox Slider For WordPress

If you are looking for the best WordPress plugins for social media then this is the one for you! It is an awesome social media slider plugin that is appealing and grabs attention immediately. It is easy to install and even easier to use. You can install this in 3-easy steps as configuration along with 24-hour support. It supports mobiles devices, which means you can target more audience that is online on various devices.

It is a 5-star rated WordPress social media plugin and is considered, as a great tool to get more fans, likes, shares, and eventually higher traffic rate. This traffic will also convert into more money sooner. This plugin supports a number of social media platforms including Facebook, Vimeo, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube.

best wordpress plugins for social media

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WordPress Social Stream

This is the best WordPress social media plugin that is feature-enriched and is updated regularly. It combines all your social network activities into one singular feed, where you can quickly access your networks on one go! If you want to display social media profiles, you simply have to rotate the feeds and filter jQuery social networking wall. You can also use this if you are looking to make your social media feeds more interactive.

best wordpress social media plugins

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Twitter Slider User Card

This is a social media plugin that can complement your website with a Twitter feed slider. If you are looking for a way to display your tweets creatively on your website, you can go for this fancy plugin. It offers a great degree of personalization options like set up avatars, animation, and even transitions. You can align this slider horizontally or vertically, depending upon your preferences.

social media plugin for website

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Designed by Jonas Doe Bertin, you can add this best social media plugins for WordPress to add an easy and convenient way of staying in touch with all your social accounts. You can install this sleek widget on your WordPress website and enjoy the benefits. It supports multiple social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others. It also displays your Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and so on. The plugin is reasonably priced and comes with multiple benefits.

social media plugin for website

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SharePlus (+)

SharePlus is a beautiful way of sharing your images and posts on social media accounts. Although beauty does not mean functionality, in this case it means both! You can indulge in technical details with ease and enjoy its great benefits. You simply have to upload the plugin, then activate it by clicking three clicks, and then configure as per your preferences. You can also use this plugin on dynamic and static web pages.

SharePlus comes with a visually appealing admin that contains five amazing themes. It will revolutionize your social media experience forever. Finally, you can also support several social media networks to give yourself the power to track social sharing activities like integrating Google Analytics.

best social media plugins for wordpress

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If you are looking for a social media plugin for WordPress that is also visually appealing, then your search ends here! This is a beautiful plugin that takes your social sharing game to the next level of perfection. It supports more than twenty best social media sites along with great email sharing.

Simply install and activate the plugin. You can set your social media icon pop-ups, every time someone mouse over them. You can also add social sharing icons along with your template files using shortcodes or PHP function calls. This means that you can place this plugin anywhere as an easy access. You can also add social sharing icons along with your template files with simple shortcodes.

best wordpress plugins for social media

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It does not create a social sharing button. Instead, it creates an entire WordPress site on your Facebook page. With other plugins, you are required to leave your Facebook page to visit the site, but with this, the visitors can browse, read, share, and like your website while they are still on their Facebook page. This will take your user engagement and interaction to the next level.

This is more than just a script or a plugin. It is much more like a multi-faceted social integration plugin that will seem like a daunting task to install. With a single click, you can upload and set up your Facebook App and click to activate. You can only use this plugin with Facebook, but more upgrades of different social media platforms are viable.

best wordpress social media plugins

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Get your retina display as social media ready with this amazing plugin, packed with multiple social media networks. It has a lot of features that includes numerous social networks, animations, transition ready files, and much more.

The guys behind this plugin will provide you with a quick response to all your queries in less than 15 minutes. If the response is late, it will come within 24 hours. This responsive plugin is an idea to keep track of all your social media networks.

social media plugin for website

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Social SideBar

This is a highly configurable plugin that will allow you to add your social links to your website with ease and style. You can also add styling using CSS3. Once you have completed the configuration, you can feel like a developer yourself.

Social Sidebar is compatible with every modern browser and is built on HTML5. You will also get plugin support automatic integration that comes with other features like icons, themes, sides, and much more. You can also choose from 2 different styles and 4 label styles. In paid version, you can get 24×7 support.

wordpress social media share plugin

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The Tweetable is a shortcode for social media plugin that will enable you to ace your Twitter game. Twitter can get noisy when you have a huge potential and is a great source of free traffic. It grows every day and so does the traffic engagement. This plugin helps you to convert every sentence into a tweet with just a click of a button.

Select your text in your post editor and click the shortcode button to add this to the post editor toolbar. It includes people to tweet your content like random thoughts, words, ideas, and quotes. You can increase your tweet traffic and maintain a constant presence on the web.

best social media plugins for wordpress

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Floating Social Media Icon

With over 300k downloads, this WordPress plugin for social media is making waves in the market. With its ease of use and simple configuration process, you can set up your social media icons to float every time. With over twenty icon styles and resizable icons, along with shortcode and multiple widgets, you can maintain a good page load speed without wrecking the social features of the website.

best wordpress plugins for social media

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You can connect to 120 social media networks with this plugin that is powerful and can sway traffic to your site. This plugin is regularly updated with new features and compatibility to help you stay on top of the things. With some free plugins, your website can get infected with a malicious code and force you to become vigilant. You can get the ability to use sharing bars and different sizes. You can also track social network interactions by creating social analytics account.

best wordpress social media plugins


Social Media Widget

This enables you to showcase your social media profiles similar to icons on the sidebar. You will get great social networking site support along with email sharing. It comes in unique sizes and you can also customize the sizes as per your preferences. You can add animated icons and it comes in four paid packages.

social media plugin for website

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If you are not familiar with social media plugins and don’t want to get into technical stuff, then this plugin is the one for you! It allows you to share content across all social media sites and streamline your activities. Every time your user shares or like your content, an ad will appear. If the user clicks on the ad, you can get a decent amount of pay as ad revenue.

wordpress social media share plugin
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Microblog Poster

This is a plugin for WordPress that will help you to publish your content onto various social networks instantly. This supports every major social media account, which means that you can cross-post to several accounts while using one platform. You can also format messages for every network, which makes it easy to configure, support, and use.

best social media plugins for wordpress

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These plugins will help you ace your social media game. Get targeted and increased traffic without spending thousands on advertising, by simply updating your presence on every social network.

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