5 Alternative WordPress Page Builders [Works GREAT in 2018]

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Gutenberg’s entry as a best WordPress page builder has received a lot of contradicting reactions from different editors. It has almost brought doubt to the future of WordPress. Gutenberg has been rated less than average, which is an unfortunate result compared to other WordPress page builders. The negative reviews on the plugin, have been a portrayal of discontentment from WordPress developers and web designers who are the principal performers in the industry.

Primary reasons for the negative reviews are due to:

1. The WordPress page builder is complicated since it adds more tasks that are easy to pursue in TinyMCE, the other default editor.

2. Secondly, its user interface is ugly and converts all functions into blocks. It makes it lack the drop and drag, and other columns which are essential for all WordPress page builders.

WordPress developers are not willing to work under such hard circumstances, and they prefer to go for other easier to operate web designs.

5 of the most popular WordPress page builders include WP Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor, Thrive Architect, and Themify.

WordPress Page Builder rating

1. WP Beaver Builder

The best WordPress page builder is used for creative purposes. Beaver Builder has both a lite version and a premium version. Its price is a bit higher in comparison to other free WordPress page builders. However, Beaver Builder is used on an unlimited number of sites ranging from $99 onwards.

best WordPress page builder - WP Beaver Builder


The page builder enables its user to exercise full control over all its design elements. One starts with modern templates before then moving to the cleaning of the site using a responsive drag and drop system.

The builder is precise with the visual web designer that makes it preferable to others with more complex controls.

It has a frontend editing where it flexes its muscles. Thus one may never have to keep clicking the Preview button or keep making adjustments.

The builder is fully mobile friendly, with a WooCommerce that support its friendliness to online stores.

It is capable of saving rows and modules for later use while also keeping both shortcodes and widgets when 3rd-party plugins can’t interoperate with it.

It also comes with an open API and an import/export functionality that isn’t available in other WordPress page builders.

Strong Points of WP Beaver Builder

1. Works well with WooCommerce
2. The live, frontend editing work in real-time reduces guesswork
3. Premium plans have Beaver Themer which has a simple but powerful design and can make dozens of varying styles at the click of a button.
4. Offers dozens of drag/drop modules, photos, text editors, call to action, separators and pricing tables.
5. All layouts are saved and can be used elsewhere with your website. They can also then be used on other websites and projects you have.

2. Divi WordPress Page Builder

It used by developers and agencies that require WordPress plugins and themes. Members subscribe at $89 annually which is not expensive at all.

Divi wordpress Page Builder

Given that we’ve already spoken about Beaver Builder, you might want to have a look at the following article comparing Beaver Builder vs Divi on Collectiveray.com.

The Divi builder presents an options of layout possibilities, it can be used on any theme you want by using the content of its modules, just by dragging and dropping them into your pages.

The builder allows multiple columns, and a lot of care has been taken to create some very attractive designs on the Elegant Themes website which can be used for websites, blogs and landing pages. Divi is perfect to tell enticing stories with imagery and interactive elements.

The builder also does not require the knowledge of coding. Perhaps the only content you need is to add custom CSS, but this all you need to know really and truly.

Divi also has the possibility of duplicating/ copying any element with a single click. Also, you may lock certain modules on the backend to make sure no changes are made to them.

Strong Points of Divi WordPress Page Builder

1. Has 46 modules making it among the largest libraries of website elements.
2. It has beautiful templates.
3. Has duplicate, disable or lock items.
4. Provides a unique feature for combining your views and erasing the area for a reduced cluttered design approach.
5. Has unlimited undo and redo options. Therefore, it eases revision made in the past.

3. Elementor WordPress Page Builder

Elementor is available as a free best selling WordPress plugin for download, although a Pro version also exists. The Pro package ranges in between $49- $199 for unlimited sites. It is one of the best free WordPress page builder plugin recently and has had a tremendous growth in popularity due to the following features:

  • The Elementor WordPress page builder plugin is very powerful for the price of nothing!
  • It works using actual live edits and instant page loads.
  • It has fancy shape, animations, gradient backgrounds, and headline effects without requiring any knowledge of design or code
  • It also has a huge number of ready-made beautiful templates where one can pick and then customize for their own needs.
  • It is fully generates mobile friendly sites and has handy tools for customizing responsive sites.

Elementor has 26 widgets to be able to create complete pages in eCommerce, portfolio websites or regular business websites.

Elementor WordPress Page Builder

Strong Points of Elementor

1. The free version has plenty of templates and an easy, efficient design.
2. The paid version is cheap at $49 annually, for a single site.
3. Does not require you to install other plugins for maintenance or landing pages.
4. Saves customized widgets for re-use in your website
5. Has a developer API which is open for the Elementor plugin integrated with other systems.

4. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architext is another popular drag drop WordPress page builder, which is very popular with affiliate website owners – because it can create very beautiful sites and landing pages. It is a fast and efficient WordPress builder plugin ideal for busy entrepreneurs, affiliates, startup owners, and substance marketers by helping them create business website pages fast.

Features of Thrive Architect WordPress Page Builder

Thrive features the possibility to create all the following types of pages thanks to the large number of elements it supports: sales pages using landing page templates, with plenty of option features, webinar pages, product launch pages.

Once again the builder, the drag and drop editing features allow to create such stuff as hover effect and other complex pages and elements.

Thrive Architect WordPress Page Builder

Strong Points of Thrive Architect

1. You can build conversion-focused landing pages from templates which are optimized for lead generation and better conversions. The tool allows them to select from its pre-built landing page patterns that contain pages suitable for marketing strategies.
2. The advanced features let designers use a variety of ways to make their websites attractive and social.
3. Creates mobile responsive pages – helps users build pages that are responsive. Thus they can create excellent sites for phones and tablets.

5. Themify WordPress Page Builder

The builder has a distinct advantage of being built into all forms of Themify WordPress themes. The Themify Builder sells for $39, without any add-ons. However, paying and additional $20 gets you the entire set of Themify Builder add-ons.

Themify WordPress Page Builder

Features of Themify Builder

The builder comes with responsive elements across all its pages. The front end-live preview editor removes the need of messing around in the backend of WordPress. The default drag and drop modules including text, audio, gallery, post, and widget custom CSS.

Some premium features and tools are also included in the free version. They include the import/export feature, the copy and paste modules, the draggable column widths, as well as the undo/redo feature.

The premium version has more than 60 pre-designed builder layouts. Further, there are over 60 animation effects and a responsive styling for the most realistic design center.

Strong Points of Themify

1. The free version has what you have in other builders. Reasons you go for premium version is to get specific builder layouts, animation effects, or the dozens of Themify add-ons
2. The paid version is affordable, and it only costs a small upgrade to access different add-on made.
3. The builder contains over 60 predesigned builder layouts and animation effects.
4. It provides specialized tools for hiding some website elements depending on the device in use.
5. Presence of custom CSS, to revert to more traditional designs.


Page builders remain one of the most important plugins which are required when designing a website. When compared to Gutenberg, these other page builders we mentioned above, have an impressive rating and excellent user experience and come highly recommended. If you don’t like Gutenberg, and would like to avoid it, these page builders are great alternatives for you!

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Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

About Roshan Bajaj information

Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

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