7 Essential WordPress Security Plugins to Keep Your Site Up To Date

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It is estimated that around 28.9% of all websites on the internet is powered by WordPress making it the most popular and widely used blogging platform in the world. This is why website security should be considered as a primary concern for any blogger or business owner. You will lean all the best free WordPress security plugins and how to prevent firewall breaches in the future in this article.

Unfortunately, blogging popularity not only attracts lots of web traffic from various parts of the world, but also the prying eyes of hackers and spammers. Spammers are bored people who think spamming blogs and websites with irrelevant content is fun, while hackers have a more sinister agenda. Hackers will risk breaching a website’s security, despite the consequences, to get sensitive information (i.e. social security numbers, credit card numbers, personal information etc.) for financial gain, maim the website that they’ve infiltrated into, extort website owners, and/or to blackmail them.

Faxhion - Remarkable Model Agency WordPress Themes

WordPress has a Built-In Web Security

WordPress on its own has already placed some reliable WordPress website security measures on their website themes, you can never get too comfortable with website security. These hackers should not be taken lightly as they have demonstrated how potent their skills are that they could even break into highly secured servers of military facilities and intelligence agencies of the United States! Better safe than sorry.

Get Top Level Web Hosting and Web Security

Besides getting good web security from WordPress the next best place to get it from is a reliable hosting service. One example of a good hosting service is SiteGround! You’ll enjoy SiteGround because they provide managed WordPress hosting that includes managed security from server to app-level. That’s complete protection in my book! SiteGround’s IT team who are responsible for updating their security measures are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities and should they detect a threat, they protect the websites of their clients with custom WAF (Web Application Firewall) rules. Aside from this they also give backups and automatic updates on a daily basis for free!

WP Security Audit Log

Before you get additional best free WordPress security plugins for your website though, you may want to know about WP Security Audit Log first. The WP Security Audit Log records and updates you with everything happening on your WordPress blog or website as well as the entire WordPress multisite network. The WP Security Audit Log works well with any WordPress plugin for security. By constantly checking the WP Security Audit Log you’ll be able to track suspicious user activity before it becomes a problem or a security issue. The best thing about the WP Security Audit Log is that you’ll get updated every time:

  • A new user is created through the registration page or when an existing user created a new user profile
  • An existing user mysteriously gets the ability to change another user’s profile settings, password or role despite not having any admin powers
  • An existing user adds or removes another user from the WordPress multisite network
  • An existing user changes another user email, password, uploads or deletes a file
  • An existing user upgrades or uninstalls a plugin as well as activates or deactivates them
  • A user creates a new post, page, category or a custom post type
  • A user modifies an existing post, page, category or a custom post type
  • A user creates, modifies or deletes a custom field from a post, page or custom post type
  • A user adds a widget, modifies it or deletes it
  • A user activates a new WP theme or activates it
  • A user modifies WordPress settings like administrator notification email or permalinks
  • WordPress is upgraded or updated
  • There are failed attempts to log into WordPress

We’ve compiled a list of the best web security plugins that are compatible with WordPress that you can use in order to keep your website or blog airtight and unbreachable.

Security Ninja 

(All in One WordPress security Plugins By Web factory Ltd)

All in One WordPress security Plugins

Our highly recommended best free WordPress security plugin is Security Ninja! With over 6 years of experience they have become the go-to company for any and all security concerns of business owners. Just to highlight its capabilities, Security Ninja conducts more than 31 security tests once it has been installed on a WP site. The tests includes simulated brute-force attacks, scans and checks your site for vulnerabilities, and evaluate previous tests’ results then creates preventive measure in order to protect your site against such attacks in the future.

Other fantastic features of the Security Ninja includes prevention of 0-day exploit attacks, provides you code snippets to fix any errors related to the attack or in its aftermath, as well as provide you with additional help and descriptions of the tests for review and prevention of future malware attacks.

BulletProof Security Pro

(WordPress Malware Scan Plugin By )

WordPress Malware Scan Plugins

Next on the list is BulletProof Security Pro. Its most notable feature is its ability to secure your ‘wp-admin’ folder with just one click of the mouse button! BulletProof Security Pro’s baseline protection include anti CSRF, Base64, XSS, RFI, SQL Injection and Code Injection hacking trials (all types). Also when you need to put your site down for maintenance, then you can setup a “503 under maintenance” page which is already included in the plugin. The BulletProof Security Pro is also considered as one of the best WordPress malware scan plugin.

For $69.95 (SRP price is subject to change without notice) one-time payment get hacker and spam protection as well as unlimited installations. You’ll be happy to know that despite all its complex workings, it provides you with an easy one-click setup wizard.

Acunetix WP Security

(Free and Comprehensive WordPress Plugin For Security By )

Free and Comprehensive WordPress Plugin For Security By Acunetix

Another best free WordPress security plugins to download and install is the Acunetix WP Security plugin. It is a powerful anti-hacking and anti-spamming tool that helps keep your WP site safe and secured. An interesting feature of the Acunetix WP Security plugin is that it gives you calculated and detailed suggestions to put in place corrective measures for:

  • securing file permissions
  • security of the database
  • version hiding
  • WordPress admin protection
  • changing passwords
  • removing WP Generator META tag from core code

Acunetix WP Security ensures that you website/blog is protected by scanning it constantly for vulnerabilities. Once it finds loopholes, then it will tell you the best course of action to take to secure that sector.


(WordPress Security Plugin For Database By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan)

WordPress Security Plugin For Database

Perhaps the all in one WordPress security plugins, the WP-DBManager truly lives up to its name as the supreme database guardian! It helps you optimize, repair, backup, restore and delete your database. Plus it also drop/empty tables and run selected queries. There is also a scheduler for automatic operations that you can use at your discretion.

iThemes Security

(Formerly Better WordPress Security Plugin)

WordPress Security Plugins

Talk about plenty of options to secure your site, iThemes Security literally gives you over 30 different ways to shield your site from intruders! Did you know that there are around 30,000 websites being hacked on a daily basis on average? You do not want your site to be on the hacker’s crosshairs, because they leave a very destructive trail in their path. What took your web developer months to build they can destroy in one day. WordPress plugin vulnerabilities like weak passwords and obsolete software make WordPress sites easy targets for attacks.

iThemes Security works to fix common holes, stop automated attacks and strengthen user credentials, so that even if WordPress admins don’t know that they’re vulnerable to attacks they’d still be protected. You can choose from the one-click activation or advanced features (for experienced users) to setup iThemes Security.

WP Antivirus Site Protection

(Free WordPress Security Plugin by SiteGuarding.com)

Free WordPress Security Plugins

Last on this list is the WP Antivirus Site Protection plugin which was designed to primarily prevent malicious viruses and suspicious codes from passing through the firewall. Should they get through it and detection was late, then the plugin will isolate them and remove them safely from your site without any incident. Among the things it can identify are:

  • Backdoors
  • Rootkits
  • Trojan horses
  • Worms
  • Fraudtools
  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • Hidden links
  • Redirection
  • And more

Aside from having an active and passive web security WP Antivirus Site Protection also scans all your website files thoroughly (theme files, all the files of the plugins, files in upload folder and etc). It will also update you with their latest virus database and send you email alerts that include the description of all the web viruses they’ve identified so far. In case you have come across a new type of virus from your end and their security plugin was not able to detect the virus, you can personally upload suspicious files to siteguarding.com‘s server and have their experts take a look at it.

MalCare Security Solution

(A Complete WordPress Security Service by BlogVault)

malcare - WordPress Security Plugin

We highly recommend MalCare Security Service which is one of the most comprehensive WordPress security we have come across. It was developed from the grounds up after analyzing more than 240,000 websites over the course of 2 years. Notable features are as follows:

  • Powerful Scanner
  • One-Click Automated Cleaner
  • Intelligent Firewall
  • Site Management
  • Site Hardening
  • White-Labeling
  • Client Reporting

MalCare’s Powerful Scanner never slows down a site and goes beyond signature matching to find new and complex malware. Its industry-first One-Click Automatic Malware Cleaner wipes all traces of malware permanently from the hacked site. MalCare’s intelligent Firewall blocks bad traffic and protects the login page from brute force attacks. It also has an intuitive Site Management module that lets you manage themes, plugins, users and WordPress core for better security. And to facilitate the implementation of WordPress security best practices, the security service comes with a feature called Site Hardening. Finally, MalCare also comes with a premium White-Label solution along with an ability to generate beautiful and detailed Client Reports. Sell our service under your own brand name.


Free WordPress Security Plugins

With 2017 being named as the year that most websites were hacked, website owners should take appropriate actions and protect their interests with the approximate ferocity that these hackers have when they attack websites. The aftermath that a data intrusion brings takes a toll and it is your financial assets that will suffer most, so it’s best to get the best free WordPress security plugins and install it on your website. With better preparations and updated systems, you will be able to anticipate hacks before they occur and fight fire with fire.

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Roshan Bajaj information

Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

About Roshan Bajaj information

Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

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