7 things you can do in WordPress that you probably don’t know about

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7 things you can do in WordPress that you probably don’t know about

WordPress is powering more websites than any other content management system. The platform is continually changing, allowing developers customizability. At the same time, individuals that aren’t familiar with website development can also use the platform with ease. They can use pre-designed themes and insert their content and images.

The ease, customizability, and features on WordPress has allowed it to climb the ranks of CMS, accounting for 60% of websites with CMS. This is mainly because the platform has a knack to adapt itself to the changing needs of individuals, businesses, and developers. With these changes and updates come numerous features that not everyone is aware of. Especially to those that are new to the platform and not well-versed in it.

This article will cover 7 features of WordPress that are useful and not commonly known. These features will further enhance how you use the platform. Taking your experience with it to another level.

Schedule blog posts for publishing

Featuring a blog is common on WordPress websites and is a great way to generate more traffic for your website. Which is why more and more businesses and individuals are integrating it within their websites. Learning how to use WordPress can be tricky, and there will be times when you have numerous blogs to post simultaneously. However, to make the most of each blog, you can post one and schedule the others to be posted at a later time and date.

You can do this from the “Publish” panel.

The panel has an option that allows you to edit the date and time of when the post should be published. Once you click edit, a box will open up for you to select both the date and time. When you have completed your selection, the blue “Publish” button will turn into a “Schedule” button. Click it and you are all done. Your post will automatically be published to the public on the selected date and time. This features allows you to post numerous blogs at once but ensure they aren’t all made public at the same time. This way your audience can easily take a look at your posts without being flooded with them.

Customize your WordPress screen to your needs

Once you get the hang of WordPress, you will notice that the screen can be quite busy. But did you know that you can turn elements within the screen on and off, customizing it to your liking? The “Screen Option” tab, on the top right corner of the platform, lets you do this.

Within the options, you can move panels within the screen, according to your ease. What this does is it completely changes the way you interact with the platform, presenting you with a chance to use it with more ease. The best part about it is when you save your screen options, they will save to your profile. So if you access the platform from another computer, it will open with the modified screen.

Splitting your blog posts

While blog posts are typically supposed to be short, there will be times when you cover a topic that is more detailed. In such cases, your content will be longer. But you still want to make sure it appeals to the eye and doesn’t just seem like one long page of words and paragraphs. WordPress allows you to break a post into multiple pages. Allowing readers that are time bound to jump directly to the content they want and if interested to come back and read the rest.

You can direct the platform to split a post within the text editor, the same box in which you enter the text for the blog. Once you’ve written the content of the blog, all you need to do is insert the command.

The command should be entered after the exact paragraph you want the page to break. There is no limit to how many times you can do this and it serves as a great way to break up longer posts.

Edit images within WordPress

There is no need for you to slave over Adobe Photoshop for hours working on basic images for your website. WordPress has built-in functionality that enables users to edit images before posting them.

To access the functionality, you need to click on “Media” and then “Library.” Then you will be able to select the image you want to work on and notice an “Edit Image” link. This feature isn’t as powerful as Photoshop but will allow you to make minor changes to the image. It is especially helpful when it comes to rotating, resizing and cropping images, allowing you to do it in seconds without the need for expensive image editing software.

Set default image size as you like

For those that are constantly adding images to their website, there is an easy way to select the default size of the image that is posted. WordPress gives you different options when it comes to image size, these are, full-size, large, medium, and thumbnail. While full-size is the actual size of the image itself, you can actually set the size you want for the remaining three sizes each time you select them.

To do this, you need to go into “Settings” and click on “Media.” The “Media Settings” will now open up.

Within these settings, you can select the width and height of each default image size from thumbnail to large. This will ensure that each time you upload an image, selecting a specific size it is the desired size you want.

Disable comments after a certain period of time

Constantly being active and replying to comments on blog posts can take up a lot of your time. Meaning, there is less time for writing new posts. While it is important to engage with your audience and enable comments, there will come a point when disabling comments on a post after a few days of it going live makes sense. This allows you to focus on comments that are posted on newer posts and not something you posted a few months back.

>WordPress has a unique feature that allows you to disable comments after a certain period of time. You can access the area to do this by clicking on “Settings” and then “Discussion.”

Now it is completely up to you how many days you select. We recommend you give posts at least two weeks before you disable comments. This way there is plenty of time for you to engage with the audience. Also, for posts that are evergreen and you know will get more engagement, you can enable comments for a longer period of time.

Log out when you forget to

Another fantastic function of WordPress is that you can log in to your website from anywhere and make changes. There may be times when you access your website from a computer in public and forget to log out once you are done making the changes. Luckily, WordPress has a feature that allows you to login in from another computer and log out from any other location you might be logged in from.

All you need to do is log in to the platform and click on “Account Management” from which you can select “Sessions.” Here you have the option of setting a new password or “Log out everywhere else.” The logging out option will only be enabled if the platform detects that you are logged in from another location, besides the one you are currently logged in. Otherwise, the option would be disabled and you will have a “You are only logged in at this location,” notice under the button. This feature may seem a bit pointless but can come in handy for those that are constantly logging in from public computers. Allowing them to ensure that no one can fiddle with their website if they ever forget to log out of WordPress.

The Last Word

WordPress is continuously changing and introducing new features that enhance user experience and make the platform much easier to use. Which is exactly why the platform has garnered so much popularity amongst web developers and anyone looking to establish an online presence. To make the most of the platform, you need to be aware of its “hidden” features and how to maximize them. It will truly change the way you interact with the platform, making it more useful. The seven features above are just the start. You can find numerous other functionalities within WordPress and we are certain that the platform will introduce many more as it continues with upgrades.


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