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When you have a self-hosted site, adding the best WordPress plugins for writers is a great way of making the right enhancements. They can make the right difference between spending hours in finishing one task, and accomplishing it within one click. Great WordPress plugins for freelance writers can help connect the author with readers in a more intuitive manner. You can share your ideas, contents, and book in a much more convenient way, and advance the sales of your products.

When you are building a WordPress blog for your recreational use or gaining career edge, there is a possibility of making online as a writer. Every business has a website that helps their customers and potential clients connect with them faster and easier. Similarly, a writer needs a website to help showcase their talent and writing skills, and bid to the right employer.

Just like any other business, a writer’s website should have customized plugins and right theme to fit the genre correctly. There needs to be some improvement to your writer website, to make it more user-friendly. It will also make a great impression on your potential clients that will take your efforts as a mark of professionalism and hard work.

Best WordPress plugins for writers

Here are some of the greatest, popular, and easy-to-use free WordPress plugins for writers that you should know about:

YOAST WordPress SEO Plugin

Search engine optimization solutions for WordPress is important to help rank your website on top pages of search engine results. This is one of the best WordPress plugin for writers and authors, that will help you improve your SEO in the easiest way possible. It will give you a comprehensive list of ways to help improve your engine optimization. In an easy-to-use package, you will get detailed analysis, suggestions, and reports.

Yoast plugin is often referred to as a personal SEO expert that will help you complete and improve your search engine optimization with ease. The dashboard is ideal for anyone to use, whether you are a techie or not. You can also buy a premium version and focus on keywords and support.

best wordpress plugins for writers

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YOAST Google Analytics Plugin

Keeping the SEO on track isn’t enough. One needs to make sure that the traffic coming is also organic and relevant to your business. To ensure this, one has to keep a close eye on the analytics of the website. To get this in a more comprehensive manner, you can go for Google Analytics. This is a free WordPress plugin for writers by Yoast that you can add as a dashboard to your website’s backend.

Integrating any web advertising in your website will also become easier with this tool. One of the most common ways of earning money online is by adding ads to your blogs, and this tool will help you keep track of the ads and traffic 24×7. You can also get a premium version that includes custom dimensions of ads and much more.

free wordpress plugins for authors

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Editorial Calendar Plugin

Chances are you want to organize your posts in a more organized way. To schedule and plan your blog posts, WordPress offers its editorial calendar WordPress plugin. Here you can understand content strategy in a better and more convenient way. You can also drag and drop a visual calendar, and quickly edit your posting schedule. You can also see planner posts at the time while managing the posts by multiple authors.

best wordpress plugins for writers

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W3 Total Cache Plugin

The website loading speed matters the most when it comes to getting business online. If your pages are not loading at optimum speed, then the readers will probably move on to the next website. Even a fraction of the second delay can make a great difference in the user experience. To get the speed up your WordPress website , one needs to clear cache and optimize the site loading speed.

This can be one of the most daunting tasks for someone who is new to WordPress and wants to keep their site at optimum speed. One of the best WordPress plugin for writers, that provides optimum user support, FAQs, user forums, and much more. It will clear out the caches of your website automatically, which will keep the speed up and running.

You can also get a pro version that includes fragment caching and exclusive extensions.

best wordpress plugins for writers

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Image Inject Plugin

Do you often spend too much time looking for the right image that you can use in your blog posts without copyright issues? There is great WordPress plugin that will allow you to quickly search and add images from free image websites like Pixabay and Flickr. It not only simplifies the search process but also reduces the time required in the insert process. You can also add proper attribution links, to save time and manually insert those pictures and links.

best wordpress plugins for writers

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Social Network Auto Poster Plugin

Are you tired of regularly copying and pasting links for every blog post to every social media platform and profiles? There is an incredibly helpful platform that will help you keep your social media posts updated and on track. It will take the annoying job of uploading links and photos to every social media under its wings. This WordPress plugin also provides SEO and reader-friendly posts that you can add to your blog post.

There is a wide range of customizable paid options that will help you tweak the post and display it however you want. You can also buy the pro version of social media platforms like Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even schedule posts.

free wordpress plugins for authors


Updraft Plus Backup and Restoration Plugin

You can get plenty of customizable options that will enable you to backup your website however you like. Backing up is important to protect your site’s data in case of hacking attempts. It will help you stay on course with your business, despite a successful malicious attempt.

This is the most popular WordPress plugin for writers. With this plugin, you can pick from a wide range of options on where to backup. Whether you want to backup on Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft One, you can do it all with just one click. You can also save certain sections of your site and plugins that you want to save. It will also automatically resume failed backups and restore the site using backups from other plugins as well.

You can also buy the premium version that includes multiple storage destination options with add-free features.

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CommentLuv Plugin

If you are a new blogger who is trying stay on top of everything to maintain a constant online presence and increase the interaction with readers, then this WordPress plugin is the one for you! It showcases your blog posts in a non-intrusive way, which will also help readers find other valuables in the post. It will also encourage the readers to visit your blog posts regularly.

You can also buy the premium version that includes advanced do follow controls, automatic updates, and click stats.
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Akismet Plugin

Whether you are an established blogger or a fresher, spam comments are something that you cannot escape. There will be an automatic addition to spam comments to your blog posts, which may promote certain services or products. It can really hurt your SEO ranking, as search engines like Google will consider this as an act of maliciousness.

This is the best WordPress plugin for writers that gives you a robust way of stopping spam comments. It constantly updates to adapt to the changes in the spamming techniques and will block any such attempts on your blog posts. It has access to over 100 billion spam comments and protects thousands of WordPress users from this act.

You can also buy a premium version that will include email and chat support, along with advanced spam stats.

best wordpress plugins for writers

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Nimble Portfolio Plugin

If you are looking for a way to showcase your work in a more elaborate and intuitive way, then Nimble Portfolio is the one for you! This wonderful WordPress plugin helps you to display your work in a more visual manner. It can integrate with YouTube and Vimeo, to help make video portfolios.

It is also mobile responsive and your portfolio will look stunning on every platform, desktop, and tablet alike.

You can also buy a premium version that will include VIP support and free upgrades for a year.

free wordpress plugins for authors

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Sumo Me Plugin

Are you looking for a way to increase your subscriber list? Then Sumo Me is the one for you! This is a free WordPress plugin for writers that has many features that you would normally only find in a paid version. You can add useful subscriber statistics and page loading speed optimization.

You can also integrate this with MailChimp, to capture and nurture your subscribers at one go!

free wordpress plugins for authors

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JetPack Plugin

This is a great multi-functional WordPress plugin for writers that offers a wide range of services including many awesome features. It includes content delivery network, which will help you to improve your page load speed. It also has a social media and subscription feature, which is great for a better user experience.

This is a one-all package and is often referred to as a “Swiss Army Knife” of all plugins. There are some common drawbacks, which include the size of the plugin that can be worked around by selecting features that you want to add. It is free software, but also includes paid version benefits like VideoPress and VaultPress.

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Contact Form 7 Plugin

Contact form is a simple yet effective WordPress plugin that helps your readers and potential clients get in touch with you easily. If your readers have a question about your book or any of your blog posts, they should not be left hanging in the balance. You can now give them easy access to you by adding this simple contact form.

This also helps refrain you from just listing your email address on the site, which is considered as an act of maliciousness by search engine bots.

best wordpress plugins for writers

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WP External Links Plugin

One of the most common practices of a writer while writing a blog post is to add external links in the content. This helps improve the credibility of your posts and also is a great SEO strategy that many recommend. Once you have added your external links, you also have to make them open in a new tab and make them “nofollow” for both external and internal links.

This can become a tedious task when you are uploading posts on a daily basis. This WordPress plugin ensures that your links are modified as per your preferences in one click. Once you have activated this plugin with your desired setting, you can then indicate a nofollow zone where you don’t want search engines to attribute to your site. If a link is not credible, it won’t hurt your SEO.

You can also easily include internal links for navigation in your website with this simple tool.

free wordpress plugins for authors

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In the end, a writer wants to get their thoughts and ideas across as many readers as possible. This WordPress plugins for writers and authors article will help you get your job done in an effective way, considering all the aspects of SEO and others. You can also get your business running without worrying about the technical features. Happy blogging!

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Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

About Roshan Bajaj information

Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

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