How to Create an Interactive Poll in WordPress (Step by Step)

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Are you keen on running a poll in WordPress site? The poll could be anything you want or need to know from your audience such as you want to know what they think should be your next blog post about, or you want to launch a new product and you want their opinion about it, etc. As you can see polls is a good way to engage your audience, while acquiring loads of useful information from them. In this article you will be learning how to create a poll on WordPress.

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Tools for Adding a Poll in your WordPress Site

There are, in fact, multiple WordPress plugins as well as third party apps that can help you create online poll in WordPress. Besides the WordPress plugins, most apps will require you to use your email to create an account with them before they’ll let you download it, some store data on their own servers, and others are not so good and often get a backlash from users.

If you’ve had a bad user experience before with third party apps for creating polls on your WordPress site, then you may want to try WPForms! WPForms ensures that you’ll have good user experience and none of those glitches or lack of functionality that the best WordPress poll plugin with images should deliver. WPForms allows you to have full control on poll data plus their pro plan includes powerful surveys and polls addon.

Benefits of using WPForms include:

  • Create polls in WordPress using a drag and drop form builder
  • View poll results on your WP sites and use them at your discretion
  • Show the number of votes and auto update it each time a user votes
  • Display poll anywhere on your website
  • You can display poll results on any part of your website

With all that being said, it is now time to show you just how easy it is to create advanced poll for WordPress using WPForms.

Creating Online Polls in WordPress

Before anything else, first install and activate the WPForms plugin if you want to learn how to create a poll on WordPress. Also, a little FYI, you’d need to purchase the WPForms Pro in order to have access to the WPForms survey and polls addon. After activating the plugin, go to the settings page of WPForms and enter your license key. This information is available in your WPForms account.

advanced poll for wordpress

Next, go to the addons page of WPForms, scroll down until you’ll find the Polls and Surveys addon. Click on the “Install addon” button and click the “Activate” button, so you can start using the surveys and polls addons of the plugin.

Now you are ready to create an online poll with this free poll maker for WordPress.

Go to the “Add New” page if you want to start creating a new poll or survey. This will launch the WPForms’ drag and drop form builder interface. Then click on the Poll Form template and provide a title for your poll or survey. Once you’ve done that a pre-made poll form template will be loaded that already includes example fields to serve as guide for you. It’s very easy to create online poll in WordPress with the WPForms plugin, because you can edit any field by simply pointing and clicking on them, use the drag and drop feature to rearrange them, or delete them. You can also add new form fields from the left column.

The following field types are where poll results collected from, then they can be displayed on any part of your website:

  • Dropdown
  • Checkboxes
  • Multiple Choice

In case you no longer want to display the poll results on your site, because it has become irrelevant or for any other reason, then just simply go to the settings button and from the left menu click on the Surveys and Polls tab to enable or disable poll results. WPForms poll template will display poll results to users upon votation has been completed by default; however, you can also deny them that privilege by unchecking the box for this option. Instead, you can show users a custom message or redirect them to another page or URL. You can configure the confirmation setting by clicking on the ‘Confirmation’ tab. This is how amazing and easy it is to learn how to create a poll on WordPress! Once the poll form is created, then go ahead and click on the save button to have your poll form settings saved. After you’ve done all of this, then exit the form builder by clicking on the close button.

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Easy Way to Add & Create Poll in WordPress Website

Anyone who’ll use WPForms will find out how convenient it is to add their online poll on any part of their website. This includes posts, pages, custom post types, and sidebar widgets. All you have to do is to edit the post, page, or post type where you intend to add the poll to. Click on the ‘Add Form’ button on the post edit screen and you will see a popup window for you to select the poll you’ve created earlier. Afterwards click on the ‘insert’ button in order to proceed to the next step.

You should then be able to see the form shortcode added into the post editor.

After this you can then save or publish your post/page and check the front end of your site to see how your poll is doing. You can also add your poll to a sidebar or widget ready area. How to do this? Well, simply go to ‘Appearance’ and then go to ‘Widgets’ page and just click and hold the WPForms widget, then drag it to either of the sidebar you want to display it. WPForms has got to be the best WordPress poll plugin with images compared to the others! You can also add a title to the widget that you want to or have displayed in the widget settings as well as show form name and description.

create poll in WordPress site

Having fun yet learning how to create poll in WordPress?

The last thing to do before exiting the widget settings page is to save your work and store it in your widget settings. Now you can visit your site to check if your poll or survey looks alright on the sidebar or on another widget-ready area.

Viewing Live Poll Results

If you’ve turned on the poll results, then your users will immediately see it after they’ve submitted their vote. You can also view poll results as the admin from the back end of your site and there’s no need for you to vote. Just go to the ‘All Forms in the WPForms widget settings and click on the ‘Survey Results’ link below your poll form. You will then be redirected to the poll results page where you’ll be able to view the poll results details. You can change the charge type and export the results in JPEG, PDF, and print format.

Embed Poll Results Anywhere in WordPress

WPForms not only helps you create engaging advanced poll for WordPress, but also help you embed it anywhere on your site. To do that you need to first find the ID of your poll form and you can get that from the ‘All Forms’ page of the WPForms widget settings. Search for the shortcode there and it should be located right beside your poll form. The ID number itself is found in the shortcode. Now you will need to search for the field ID – this is the field in your poll form that you want to display on your site (the poll’s results). You will find that this is conveniently located in the left column. Just edit the poll form and then on the poll field, click it!

Having then acquired both identifications needed to display the poll results, you can now add it to your site this way:

[wpforms_poll form_id=”171″ field_id=”1″ label=”true” counts=”true”]

This HTML shortcode can be embedded on the post, page, post type or text widget that’s on your site. Remember to replace the field ID and form ID values with your own. This shortcode works well with any WordPress site.

how to create poll in WordPress site


We certainly hope that you’ve learned a lot from this short presentation on how to create a poll on WordPress using the WPForms plugin. With that being said, WPForms is just one of thousands of very useful plugins for WordPress and some are adequate enough to create polls too, even though sometimes they were designed for a different purpose. Still, it is our collective judgment that WPForms is one of the best plugin for creating polls and surveys on your WordPress site. So whatever business you’re running if you want to understand what your customers are thinking about, then do a quick poll to find out their needs and demands, and create a unilateral plan of action to satisfy that need.

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Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

About Roshan Bajaj information

Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

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