Top 9 myths about PSD to WordPress theme conversion you must know

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PSD to WordPress conversion is a magnificent answer for making a WordPress theme from a Photoshop to wind up a search engine friendly blogging web-based interface. This sort of PSD combination suggests an extremely massive job in building unfortunate substance oversaw blog entries. The file conversion from PSD to WordPress theme is different compared to PSD to HTML. The procedure of PSD to WordPress Development comprises lots of steps, before that let’s briefly look what WordPress is.

WordPress is a well-known and compelling open source CMS (Content Management System) that gives a lot of adaptability in this way various extra highlights to be added to your site. PSD To WordPress Conversion is a profoundly unrivalled innovation and is moreover exceptionally easy to use. It is very easy to update. Additionally, the installation and import of files is an unchallenging activity which helps to stabilize website operations. In WordPress theme conversion, PSD record is being consolidated by utilizing WordPress. WordPress can in like manner be utilized for controlling and taking care of web content.

Nonetheless, there are a few myths about PSD to WordPress Development that might bother for web engineers. Each computerized organization should be very much educated about such occasions and myths contrasted with their activities.

Top 9 Myths About PSD To WordPress Theme Conversion

1. No scope for SEO

  • Myth: Many say that the page builder is not acceptable for SEO since the mark-up they leave is not upgraded.
  • Truth: As we know, SEO is all about providing quality content. Page builders can be utilized for giving captivating content for the online portals. It also offers grammatical mark-ups to select HTML tags for website headings and content keywords.


2. No dependable Plugins

  • Myth: An essential feature considering security of the website is not trustable, since the rumor about WordPress is emerged nowadays; it says that WordPress plugins are not secure anymore.
  • Truth: The certain gossip is formed without standpoints, so it is considered as a fake one. Plugins offers additional features to the website. The selection of plugins mainly depends on the admin, how admin choose appropriate plugins will characterize different features on website.


3.Low traffic boundaries

  • Myth: WordPress websites are not designed to acquire enough traffic. In case of High traffic, WordPress based websites go down with the functions.
  • Truth: mainly, the websites go offline due to hosting issues. There could be other technical issues as well that affect the operations of websites. You can develop your website on trusted plat form considering server and hosting. With these ways, you can fix such problems.


4. No assist for theme and template

  • Myth: WordPress offers no help to free layouts or themes.
  • Truth: WordPress does improvement more straightforward. There are a few forums you can address at whatever point you get remained with it. They give you full help with no expense.


5. Argument on platform security (No secure platform)

  • Myth: WordPress is authentically not a safe stage to work upon.
  • Truth: apparently, many world leading brands are using WordPress as a website builder. Hence, the question regarding its security has no ground. Furthermore, website developers check entire coding of WordPress. And, if they find any loose sequences, bugs, or any error then they immediately contact to WordPress officials. WordPress offers amazing security and a protected climate for their clients. More levels of security can be given to this by adding security modules to it.


6. Nor for Online portals (E-commerce website)

  • Myth: Mostly, all business cannot utilize full features of WordPress into their e-commerce websites. It is only considered as a blogging platform.
  • Truth: WordPress is a certain CMS (content management system) outfitted with a lot of web-based business modules that make it more dynamic for organizations. Distinctive online business sites, for instance, eBay utilizing WordPress and thusly making high benefits through it.


7. Limited to small business

  • Myth: WordPress only assists small scale business.
  • Truth: The actual scenario is quite opposite from what has mentioned. Many famous and large-scale business franchises are using WordPress, for example, Disney & Best Buy.


8. Hacking tendency

  • Myth: WordPress can easily be hacked.
  • Truth: The above statement also sounds negative, if you regularly backup the website, you can avoid the chances of hacking. WordPress is developed considering user friendliness. Moreover, it has distinct security plugins that you can use to secure your websites from hackers. WordPress streamlined page builders are intricate plugins for making custom sites. Propelled clients use these apparatuses for their troublesome undertakings to be complete productively.


9. Slow loading speed

  • Myth: Page builder slows down the WordPress website.
  • Truth: Page builders are snappy and equipped for stacking complex outlines in less time. Stacking time eventually relies upon how content is composed in the page builder. Page level storing and Builders utilizing short-code is another essential factor that influences page loading time.


“Is PSD to Word Press Conversion the most trending thing now?”

10.Final Discussion

Every business should acknowledge the fact that the WordPress is the most reliable platform for maintaining your website. The above revealed myth about PSD To WordPress Conversion will assist you to understand the truth that you need to consider for PSD To WordPress Theme Conversion Process. Moreover, the points will help you to get the transparent idea about PSD To WordPress Development and enlighten the importance of using WordPress for e-commerce business.

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