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WordPress is among the best solutions when creating online shops when combined with a plugin like the WooCommerce for online selling. Both eBooks and books are huge online businesses. Amazon is the best example because when starting it employed a WordPress theme for an online bookstore. Books are the best items to sell online as you do not require a physical premise for you to offer a vast range of books you need. If you are operating a mortar and bricks bookshop, opening an online library with the help of WordPress bookstore themes is an excellent way to access vast audiences. Selling eBooks online will be fascinating as you will be making your deliveries online, without incurring shipping charges and increasing the range of titles for coverage.

However, to create an impacting online presence, you will require the best WordPress BookStore Themes that possesses the design for selling books. There are many bookstore themes online. Below are the Top 25 Bookstore WordPress Woocommerce Themes you can employ in 2017 for creating impacting online presence.


book store responsive woocommerce theme

Booklovers is among WordPress Bookstore Themes made by Ancora themes. This theme is a multidimensional solution for online book publishers, retailers or subscription service providers. It is both colorful and clean, with defined content block spanning for clarity on the front page where you can feature favorite novels, publications, and top selling articles.

This theme integrates well with plugins such as visual composer, WooCommerce, Revolutions slider and Essential grid. You will experience the best displays on your tablets, mobile, and iPhones with a single click for installing a demo. This theme is versatile in the way it can manipulate the way your website will look and feel. There are already made layouts for the homepage and developing them requires you to drag and drop content.


webbie - WordPress themes for bookstores

Webbie is unique from other WordPress themes for bookstores as it sells and promotes your books nicely. It has responsive design tools for selling and reading online eBooks. It also possesses a downloading instrument for the buyers. This theme also comes with a collapsible sidebar, custom post types, custom widgets and keyboard navigation.


Booklovers - book store WordPress WooCommerce themes

Booklovers is amongst the best book store WordPress WooCommerce themes made by Ancora themes. This theme is a multidimensional solution for online book publishers, retailers or subscription service providers. It is both colorful and clean, with defined content block spanning for clarity on the front page where you can feature favorite novels, publications, and top selling articles.

This theme integrates well with plugins such as visual composer, WooCommerce, Revolutions slider and Essential grid. You will experience the best displays on your tablets, mobile, and iPhones with a single click for installing a demo. This theme is versatile in the way it can manipulate the way your website will look and feel. There are already made layouts for the homepage and developing them requires you to drag and drop content.


book store wordpress woocommerce theme

WordPress bookstore themes present the literary theme that has a beautiful blog for showcasing eBooks. This theme has many colors and font options inclusive of portfolio and blog pages. The aqueous design works on several sizes which include social media integration, widget areas, and features for tablets and mobile devices.


Aurum - bookstore WordPress theme

Aurum is a bookstore WordPress theme developed from laborator. It is a modern, beautiful web theme for e-commerce sellers inclusive of bookstores. This theme offers smart, crisp design which combines both functions and forms for creating fantastic user experiences that web builders will appreciate. Finally, these WordPress bookseller themes have “featured author” and “best seller” sections that are included on artist’s top publications.

You will also find a promotional area that offers discounts and free shipment for helping the page builder. It has a WooCommerce integration for facilitating online sales. There are excellent book menus with a drop-down box for the book details. You will find related books in the widget area where users will be clicking through new publications.


bookstore wordpress theme

From the collection of WordPress theme for bookstore, we get the one-page theme that has a blog for selling both print and eBooks. This theme has the design of a single page with a palette of many colors. This theme also comes with an eBook creator PSD file for creating custom book covers for adding to the website.


wordpress theme for bookstore

You can buy a Bookstore WordPress theme from Acme on ThemeForest. It integrates with WordPress tools including slider revolution plugin for producing a dynamic, interactive website for your viewers. It has a full-screen banner that is interactive with a visual composer page builder for letting you alter the content area to fit your needs.

This WordPress bookstore theme has a mega menu plus a single click install option for organizing your bookstore, with up to five homepages for giving your homepage versatility. You can edit branding to fit your desired site typography. This theme is perfect for your online eBook and book shop.


wordpress theme for online bookstore

Raakbookoo is one of the topmost book store WordPress WooCommerce themes that is WooCommerce ready with designs for authors, publishers, and bookshops. It comes with tons of optimizable options and features for easy eBook selling. It provides the blog page, homepage template, archive page, three shop page templates, a contact page, and an archive page. Additionally, it supports all displays and media types for all devices.


Bebo -best book store WordPress WooCommerce themes

BEBO is amongst the best book store WordPress WooCommerce themes on Beau. It features seven homepage layouts with each style having a dynamic and unique content like slider revolution banners and parallax scroll effects. The header has a shopping cart area, a search box, a logo area, and a hidden drop-down menu. These elements can change to fit your needs. The support of WooCommerce helps the users to view and compare wish lists in the “Quick View” area for experiencing enhanced shopping.

When it comes to functionality, BEBO WordPress bookstore themes ranks high on the front of user engagement. This theme is built on the framework of Bootstrap that has automated responsiveness and provides vibrant user experiences. It has an area where you can filter the books of your desire for quick location.


book store wordpress woocommerce theme

Book is a single responsive WordPress theme from the WordPress bookstore theme. It is a perfect option for individuals that sell eBooks and printed books. The main reason that can make you purchase this theme is its ability to drag and drop edited information. It also comes with great SEO extensions and analytics. This is for allowing easy editing, composition, and change of pages with minimal WordPress knowledge and effort.


Papirus - bookstore WordPress WooCommerce theme

The Papirus WordPress bookstore themes work as both fashion and bookstore themes. It has interactive sliders on the front page for selling featured items by use of revolution slider plugin. Scrolling the page downwards engages the page to view “best sellers” and “new arrivals” sections.

This bookstore WordPress WooCommerce theme enables users to search through the filterable search form for identifying the desired book on the shelf. The page layouts come with multiple homepages, one-page templates, services, our team, testimonials and FAQ pages. The stellar design comes with a san-serif typography and delivers on the integration plugin. Bonus items for this theme include WooCommerce, visual composer, custom Tokokoo shortcodes and a mega menu.


bookstore wordpress theme

Booker is among dedicated WordPress bookstore themes built for selling online books, devoted to selling and promoting eBooks. It helps authors to showcase their books in a custom and quality style with every section optimized for downloading, sampling, reviewing and overviewing. It comes with a page builder for making all layouts possible. It is pleasurable to use this theme.


wordpress theme for bookstore

Flexibility and versatility are part and parcel of the Bookshelf WordPress bookstore themes. This theme comes with five layouts of the homepage for giving your store a right look. It has a large front page carousel which is powered by the revolution slider. The banner spans the entire header’s height so that your navigation, cart management icons, and logo have a background that always changes for enticing readers.

The bookshelf WordPress bookstore themes have a page layout for promotions with a system for user rating and areas of multiple widgets. This theme integrates with familiar themes like the page composer, shopping cart management, and other tools for controlling page integration and page construction. It also has an overall blog layout for showcasing new authors and getting worldwide booksellers. This theme has the capability of translating languages and supporting native formats of posts.


wordpress theme for online bookstore

Flatbook WordPress bookstore themes are good for marketing eBooks. The theme comes with parallax animations, bold colors, and full-width rows of content for giving you ample space for lighting your inspirational works and novels. This theme has three layouts of the homepage for selling your eBooks as per your requirements. It retina support for ensuring that your Apple devices deliver crisp, sharp images, while the page builder helps in customizing the eBook store.

When you want a sales landing page for your books, the Flatbook WordPress bookstore themes are flexible for accommodation. Installation of this theme is simple and installing involves just clicking the install button. You will edit the information to fit what you want. You will have many features at your disposal.


book store responsive woocommerce theme

BookRev themes are sleek, modern premium WordPress bookstore themes which are customizable for online books shops. This theme has many color options for tweaking through the administrator dashboard. This theme has some widget areas for adding custom functionalities to the theme like buttons, slider, contact form and much more. This theme is immense for book reviews. It uses affiliate links for directing users to specified bookstores like Amazon. With the tweaking capabilities of this theme, you can use it for selling your books and affiliate products.


book store wordpress woocommerce theme

Kybook is a responsive theme that classifies under WordPress bookstore themes. You can use this theme in the category of book shopping, for a book store, book shop, digital book downloads, book themes, digital books, e-commerce and libraries. It has woocommerce for enhancing online selling of books. It comes with special marketing tools for helping in getting SEO ranking for your site.


bookstore wordpress theme

Where you are shopping for WordPress bookstore themes, the DigiSeller is the best choice. This theme is not only versatile but also charming as it avails a competitive edge as a result of its practical features. Creating a site for your bookstore does not require training. You will not hire a developer as installing this site is easy.

However, for you will have to install additional items for you to take part in online commerce. You will also have to get specific details for payment gateways. Having this theme makes you get the freedom of feeling productive because there is no limit to sales volumes. You will have the ability to set up categories and sub-categories for making your clients have ease of finding books. This theme can handle diversity for you to become commercial and trade in music, video games, and digital items. This theme has few checkout steps for giving your buyers an enhanced experience. Both desktop and mobile users will access your site with ease.


wordpress theme for bookstore

Bookish WordPress bookstore themes give great and stylish landing pages for eBooks and Books. This theme is responsive and looks amazing on all devices. It has black and white layouts for giving your customizations a head start. This theme has many color schemes and Google web fonts for font customization.

Built-in effects and sliders have the design of grabbing the attention and convincing your users into buying your books, while the great font icons add visual appeal to the website. This WordPress bookstore theme can integrate with WooCommerce for finalizing online sales procedures. This theme has all customizable options you need for your site.


wordpress theme for online bookstore

E-book is one of WordPress bookstore themes which is a solid choice as it has text options and bold images for increasing your book sales both digitally and physically. The header has an area for presenting a first testimonial and an Amazon link or a link to your store. You have the ability to add book summaries in the theme with the option of sharing new releases and updates for your users and boosting your ranking in the search engine.

The e-book theme has tons of short codes for allowing you to create columns, buttons, and tabs without touching a single line of code. You can add the WooCommerce plugin for showcasing and selling your books online. You will have the assurance that your site will look great even on mobile devices. When you employ the WordPress bookstore themes, you will have to choose from the unlimited promotions and color options for setting coupons. This theme has powerful options for selling books online like the tax, shipping, and mega menu settings.


book store responsive woocommerce theme

Choosing mybook theme gives you an edge when it comes to WordPress bookstore themes. This theme is viable for all authors and booksellers as it has the visual composer plugin for adding your content by just dragging and dropping information in the desired areas. Getting this WordPress bookstore theme will assist you in speeding up the development process. Real-time customization is nice. Therefore, you will not have to keep previewing your changes always. It will take you a few seconds to change your site to match your brand. There is a blog section for updating your users on the current books and eBooks in the store and for boosting your SEO.

This theme has a “Buy Now” button that encourages buyers to purchase your books. There is an area where the preview of the book is provided. Implementing reviews is possible as there is a field for building the social proof. Getting this theme when looking for WordPress bookstore themes ensures that you share a contact form and pricing tables with your buyers.


book store wordpress woocommerce theme

Novella is one of the WordPress bookstore themes created by a promotional site or a stylish landing page for you online bookshop. This theme is perfect for selling books in the shop and online eBooks. This theme serves the purpose of enabling you to design a website that will not only generate book sales but also give your work exposure.

The homepage of your site will feature the cover page of your book and a call to action link that will lead your buyers to the location of your book. The novella WordPress bookstore themes integrate seamlessly with plugins like Easy Digital Downloads for selling or distributing eBooks directly from the online bookstore.

The preview tool within the theme will help encourage visitors to stick to your site. This website is responsive because it is built on the framework of bootstrap. This will assist in making customers with tablets and smartphones access and use your site.


Ethority, which is a single purpose theme among the WordPress bookstore themes for helping you in promoting your online eBooks. If you do not want many settings and options, and you want the job of setting your online books done fast enough, this theme will be the best choice.

You will have an option of changing elements on your homepage and customizing its general appearance. You will also have the ability to modify the color scheme and switch the background images quickly.

As a result of these customized animations, your site will be outstanding in attracting new visitors and tempt them into purchasing your books. The integrated newsletter option is an essential eBook marketing strategy for building a pre-launching mailing list of your customers. This theme is among the WordPress bookstore themes that came in 2014 for creating promotional eBook websites.


wordpress theme for bookstore

Off The Shelf theme is one of the WordPress bookstore themes made for marketing. It has the intelligence of converting visitors to customers. For this reason, if you have to promote your eBooks or your online bookstore, choose this theme for getting the desired exposure.

Off the shelf, which is part of WordPress bookstore themes, has several demo versions that you can install and personalize content in a few minutes. You will have more than twelve different demo versions to select from and choose the one that meets your needs. However, for your online bookstore, there is a specific theme built for the eBooks.

This theme has a homepage for displaying your eBook blurb and cover, publishing icons, logo, testimonials from your readers, pricing options, a video display and author’s information. Having a toolkit from off the shelf theme will help in promoting your website and boosting your sales.


wordpress theme for online bookstore

Cosonix, just like other WordPress bookstore themes, has eight different homepages for getting your site on the run without many options and setting to explore. This theme has a range of purposes from making an online portal to building an agency site. Although you can edit any demo to meet your needs, there are two demos which are dedicated for eBooks for making life easy for you.

Depending on this template, as one of the WordPress bookstore themes, you can have a homepage which is animated for promoting your books and an email option for growing a pre-launch email list. It comes with a premium visual composer for dragging and dropping the page builder plugins for editing the templates. Customizing this site will require minimal effort.


book store responsive woocommerce theme

Brown brings forth a responsive theme in the range of WordPress bookstore themes that has an artificial intelligence of promoting online eBooks. This theme has in-built demos with alternative layout options. This theme gives the ability to publish a book on your site. It helps your readers know what you are offering and give them the option of downloading. When it comes to distribution, you have the ability to sell this book directly or linking to Amazon. The Easy Digital Downloads plugin integrates with PayPal for cost free selling process. You can use this theme to either sell a single book or the whole library.

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