Top 7 Proxy and Spam Blocker Plugins for WordPress

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WordPress is the most popular and sought-after since its launch in 2003. It is widely used in different parts of the world for the creation of websites, blogs, E-commerce websites, etc. It has been observed that most WordPress bloggers do not pay sufficient attention to the security of websites.

Their entire focus is centralised on site design, SEO and content. It’s a fact that many websites receive hundreds or even thousands of comments every day, which is extremely difficult to handle on a daily basis. Many WordPress bloggers are fed with annoying trolls, objectionable commentators, spammers, and a sharp surge of requests from bots, but they fail to control them effectively.

Many websites are hacked by professional cybercriminals because of their vulnerability and inadequate security. On the other hand, a high level of SPAM can have a bad effect on the site’s reputation among readers. Therefore, we have listed some Proxy and Spam Blocker Plugins for WordPress here for the protection of websites. Just see yourself & choose the plugin which you deem suitable.

1. LionScripts: IP Blocker Lite

As a matter of fact, IP blocking is a forced measure bloggers resort to as a last chance to get rid of annoying users or a hacker program at a specific IP address. While operating websites on a daily basis, you must have noticed that some people regularly post pretty unflattering comments on your website’s comment section for you or your subscribers, visitors, readers it. Rouge users from a particular IP address also try to hack your website & steal valuable business secrets worth millions of dollars.

Spam Blocker Plugins - LionScripts IP Blocker Lite

To get rid of this unpleasant problem, install this plugin on your website. Its task is to block the IP address of a particular user, or some program that is trying to hack your website. It alerts you about the suspicious activities on your website. You can take the desired action to protect your website accordingly.

2. WPBruiser {no- Captcha anti-Spam}

WPBruiser is actually an anti-spam and security plugin based on algorithms. It does not use captcha, but successfully protects comments, feedback form, registration form, etc. from spam.

Spam Blocker Plugins - WPBruiser

It automatically blocks IP addresses that found to be involved in spamming activities. When you use this plugin, your website remains safe from different types of online attacks.

3. Login LockDown

Hackers make several attempts to hack your website if they prove to be unsuccessful in one attempt. If you use this plugin on your website, created by the providers of WordPress Services in Singapore ,

Spam Blocker Plugins - Login

it automatically records the login attempts made by users in a particular time span and blocks additional attempts automatically, potentially aimed at hacking your website

4. Anti-Spam Bee

It is perhaps the best anti-spam solution to your website that aims to effectively eliminate the nonsense created by professional trolls and spammers. It comes with 20 selectable features that can be utilised as per needs.

Spam Blocker Plugins - Antispam Bee

The best thing about this plugin is that it doesn’t save your data personal data. So, the possibility of any information leaks is minimal. This plugin also shows statics for the last 30 days. You can also use this plugin for meeting your commercial needs without spending a single penny.

5. Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk

As a WordPress website owner or admin, you must always keep in mind that this plugin does not use captcha or other protection methods that require mechanical intervention by users. It is gaining immense popularity because people are tired of filling complicated captcha.


The plugin automatically counts blocked comments, attempts to send spam through the feedback form, and attacks on the website on a whole. It is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. It means that this plugin can be used to protect E-commerce websites (based on the WordPress CMS) from different types of online security attacks.

6. Antispam Plugins

It is one of the most effective antispam plugins for WordPress, offered in two versions: free and premium ($15). The free version of the plugin focused on automatic work as there is no possibility for making manual changes.

Spam Blocker Plugins

Just install the plugin on your website and it starts working automatically. The premium version of this plugin allows you to customize your own filters and specify the maximum number of words for each comment.

7. Akismet Anti-Spam

You must know that it is a standard anti-spam plugin for WordPress, which is installed along with CMS. It was created with almost the same composition that worked on the creation of WordPress.

Spam Blocker Plugins - Akismet

The plugin automatically checks each added comment for spam links that you can manually reject or approve later as per your wisdom. You must also note that the functionality of this plugin is limited solely to checking and marking on the comments.

8. Login IP & Country Restriction

Top 7 Proxy and Spam Blocker Plugins for WordPress

When you launch your website for the audience, it remains available to all people globally. Anyone can visit your website at any time and from anyplace. This helps you to get lots of traffic and business opportunities from different parts of the world and leave your competitors far behind in the online business.

Spam Blocker Plugins - Login IP & Country Restriction

But, be aware, it also allows hackers to create havoc on your website with different hacking methods, disturb its performance and negatively affects the business you are generating every day. Some countries are notorious for professional hacking nonsense. If your website is supposed to be used by the Internet audience in Australia, there is no benefit of letting it remain accessible by the people in Russia from where you don’t get a substantial amount of business. So, you can use this plugin to block hackers from countries where you get a massive amount of spam traffic. This is one of the best ways to reduce or completely eliminate SPAM traffic to websites and make them safe for use.

Final Words

WordPress websites are attacked by a large number of professional hackers, bots and cybercriminals. Once your website is hacked, you face a tremendous loss sooner or later. So, be careful and use these plugins to protect your WordPress website easily and effortlessly.

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Roshan Bajaj information

Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

About Roshan Bajaj information

Roshan Bajaj is a lazy person who loves sleeping but his passion, love, and persistence for his Team, Mentors, WordPress and Digital Marketing, keeps him at work and he finds peace in it. His hobbies include finding the truth and being happy accepting it.

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