2019 Is Hot On Our Heels Especially For WordPress 5.0 (Best CMS Platform)


In today’s era of e-commerce, every business or organization is striving hard to make an impact online. This has created major havoc among business owners and customers across the globe. Now in order to develop a website, you require to consider the best CMS platforms especially for startups or non-tech workers- and nothing can beat WordPress content management system in this hunt. Around 74.6 Million sites depending on WordPress, and it is getting bigger & better.

About WordPress 5.0 (The Best CMS Platform)

Whether in terms of popularity or usability, WordPress seems to have created a major impact across several industry verticals. And with the 5.0 version, you will have Gutenberg as a revolutionary project that brings massive change in how WordPress works. And chances are strong of having some of the most significant changes that will either make you love WordPress or, dislike it! Let’s take a look!

Gone are the days when blogging was the main utility of WordPress. WordPress 4.8 brought us plenty of widget updates. With evolving user needs, WordPress 5.0 is expected to change the game and potentially give those without coding experience more power and control over their websites. To sum up, WordPress 5.0

  • 1.Focuses more on intuitive site-building experience
  • 2.Several improvements are made to the WordPress Rest API
  • 3.Aids in building custom themes
  • 4.Page builder plugins might lose some relevance

How Will It Affect Your Business?

1.A new workforce is developed-

Imagine you have been using Windows for like a decade and all of a sudden you have to use Mac, how will you react? Completely lost! Similarly, you might feel lost when working with Gutenberg or WordPress 5.0. But overall, this transition will be proved worth investing in a few years down the line. Initially, you may feel lost, but as soon as you develop a workflow, you will be thankful to the team behind WordPress for such a fantastic update.

2.Render some of your unusable plugins-

Not every plugin is updated and not every developer is working on their plugins regularly. So chances are there you might find some of your plugins not to work when you install Gutenberg. However, the team is attempting to make updating plugins for the new software as easy as possible but be prepared for the bumpy start.

3.Learning curve is reduced-

Do you think the web is always as straightforward as we would like? I guess not! Mainly designed to minimize the learning curve associated with composting a blog post through WordPress, Gutenberg offers an ultimate experience. Certain features like pre-formatted block types, drag and drop functionality, individual formatting for each block, default color options for background and text and so forth.

4.Increasing your productivity-

Gutenberg definitely increases productivity as formatting options are always nearby. Making changes are smooth and immediately visible, and rearranging your content is now even simpler than cut and paste. As a result, the tool allows you to paste your content into the editor and then convert it to blocks. Just add a “Classic” block, paste your entire post, then convert to blocks, and make any changes you need to!


image credit: wordpress.org

The biggest is the aforementioned block-based editor, which we’ll talk more about in a moment. Gutenberg is meant to keep up with the growth of popular DIY site builders like Weebly, Squarespace, and Wix. And you know what the best part is? You don’t have to settle for whatever set of features the editor comes with right out the gate as you will find a wide range of add-on plugins that work well to deliver some cool goodies regarding services, pricing, testimonials, Google map, sharing icons, pie chart, notice, click to tweet and more.
Website push notifications

Even though messages are delivered to the desktop of your visitors especially those who have opted in, most of the website notifications tend to work in the same manner as SMS and mobile notification. Do you think push notifications can ever supersede pop-ups and email marketing? Probably not! Still, it is considered as a great tool that must be used to reach your visitors in real-time.

Mobile-Friendly themes

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Another interesting trend that might top the list for 2019 is creating mobile-friendly themes. The popularity of mobile gadgets is reaching its peak, rapidly and unavoidably. Mobile apps are no longer a thing of past- everyone from businesses to individuals has been relying upon them. And that’s the reason why we will be seeing new mobile-centrist themes in the years down the line.


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With the emergence of 2019, security will be considered as a strategy, not an afterthought. The threat landscape is enormous, offensive and defensive technologies are evolving rapidly, and nation-state attacks are increasing regarding scope and sophistication. So make sure you conduct a circumspect and thoughtful review at every stage of WordPress development.

Sticky elements

Gone are the days when websites were stuffed with obtrusive pop-ups. With more and more visitors ignoring pop-ups and diverting themselves from such websites, professionals have started creating websites with more subtle, less obtrusive pop-ups. The use of out-of-the-way pop-ups is what we might see in 2019. Creating sticky bars anywhere at the top and bottom of websites for elements beyond promotions are pretty much in vogue these days.

Landing Page Styles

Image credit: themegrill.com

Creating landing pages is one of the best On-page activity to take into account. Try to come up with a streamlined, minimalistic style that incorporates promoting a product or service in 2019. Now if you have a website comprising of fewer pages, visitors are more likely to focus on landing pages as well.

Subtle Animations

Adding animation to websites is no longer a big deal. With the help of emerging CSS tools, WordPress developers can easily create subtle elemental animations. And it may quite interest you to know that the trend will most likely move to a whole new level in 2019.

#4 Must-Have Features for a WordPress Website

Trends keep on emerging day in day out and shifting your existing project to every whim and shiny object emerging around the corner is not a wise decision to make. There are pretty much chances of misdirecting your valuable time and resources. Whereas on the other hand, not implementing some of the trends mentioned above can have a significant impact on sales and traffic of your website. This means you might miss out low-hanging fruit.
Down below I would like to mention a few things that must be present on your website.

1.Lead Capture-

Lead capture is quite possible, all thanks to a wide variety of plugins. Well, it doesn’t need to be an obnoxious popup or take half of your page. Instead, create a quick lead capture placed in the right spot. This can encourage visitors to interact with you and engage with them more to convert them from a lead to a customer/client.


Here I am not talking about regular chatbots, I am talking about the personalized ones. Integrating with your CRM turns out to be the best way to implement this feature in particular. And this actually converts a lead to a customer/ client.

The term personalized means, you can know more and more about the user other than the fact that they are your random visitor. In case, if you are using a CRM like Salesforce, Infusionsoft or Active Campaign, you can easily know if they’ve downloaded a lead capture or clicked on a certain promo or even interacted with your social channels. It’s incredible, isn’t it!

3.Mobile experience-

Since mobile is the need, it is imperative to have a user-friendly mobile version of your website. In simple words, having a mobile version means your website should be easy to use and must comprise of a theme that allows you to hide/show some aspects on your mobile view for an optimum experience.
People these days surf and check out websites on their mobile devices. This ability to hide and show certain elements can lead to faster page load as well as a better user experience. Using Beaver Builder such a front-end page builders can give you this option to select which elements you wish to show on mobile devices and which you don’t.

4.Submission Forms-

Do you think those boring name/email/message contact forms are still in vogue? Absolutely not! Instead, these days’ website owners are found creating conditional logic forms based on the visitor’s information. Forms being loaded with options to conditionally show questions is what everyone is looking forward to. Although, it is not tech-heavy as it used to be years ago.
Of course, knowing more and more about your end users is essential, and with plugins like gravity forms, you can simply have your website send over extra data information about the user. With the help of such messages, browser and machine are sent from and the address of the page that referred them to the contact form.


Everything revolves around the question of how you wish to serve your website? Chances are there what works best for you might not work well for someone else. So think wisely and work accordingly!

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