Why You Need Professional WordPress Maintenance Service?

People love WordPress so much. You can create a fully-customized and unload content aggressively on your website using this fully-featured Content Management System.

But like all your valuable belongings, WordPress website also demands regular maintenance. Your website is even more important for you. After all, it’s the face of your business.

We don’t doubt your capability. We know you can probably handle all issues and implement all updates yourself. But approaching a WordPress maintenance service is always a favorable option. This is because being a business person; you may not have enough time to fix the suddenly appeared issues and bothering about concerns related to your website security and wrong updates.

Hiring WordPress website maintenance services give you peace of mind that your website is up-to-date and in the hands of experts. Meanwhile, you can pay more attention towards improving your customer relationship strategy.

WordPress Maintenance Service

Introducing WP ENLIGHT

Hiring WordPress Website Maintenance Service

WordPress Maintenance Service

WP ENLIGHT is a team of WordPress experts who promises to keep your website up to the marks and fully-secured. We take care of your WordPress website maintenance, hosting, security, backup, downtime monitoring, content management and everything that you don’t have time to worry about.

WP Enlight offers hassle-free website maintenance support through their low-cost monthly WordPress maintenance service plans that include following services…

Tighten Your Security

Website security is a second essential aspect of your online business. Hackers love WordPress websites because of its incomparable blogging and content capability. But you have no time to let your website down and then recover from it. You can’t afford the loss of your reputation, customers, and sales.

WP Enlight follows a holistic approach to assure 100% security to your website. Our WordPress security practices include:

Firewall, WordPress Hardening

Virus & Malware Scanning

Free Malware Cleanup & Website Restores

Spam Management

Monitors core files for unauthorized changes

Integrates strong authorization methods

Uptime Monitoring

Backup & Restores

Work hard, have sleepless nights to make some more time OR
Work with Professional WordPress Experts and enlighten your life!

WordPress Maintenance Service

Links break, updates release and website go frequently. You need an eagle eye to track everything to assure a fully-maintained, secured and updated website.

For your WordPress website maintenance service, WP Enlight does the following:

Updates all plugins and software

Fix Broken Links/Codes

Remove and Stop spam

Clean up post revisions

Database optimization

Monitors Website Responsiveness

Speed up your website

WordPress Backups

Crashes, viruses and malicious activities are unavoidable. But you can punch them all by taking your website’s backup.

WP Enlight backs up everything required to restore your website in full and allows you good nights.

Depending on the plan you choose, we offer you backup on the weekly, daily and hourly basis. Backups are stored on a secure cloud storage, your website’s server and a local server at WP Enlight.

WordPress Maintenance Service

Wordpress Maintenance Plans

StarterUnlimited Changes + Maintenance
/per month
SpecializedUnlimited Changes + Maintenance
/per month
EnterpriseUnlimited Changes + Maintenance
/per month

Round The Clock Monitoring

Website downtime means loss of potential customers and sales. We track your website every minute using our WordPress uptime monitoring. If your website goes offline, we fix it at the speed of light. Uptime monitoring is another important module of all our WordPress maintenance plans.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Experienced

We’ve 8 years of experience working and messing with WordPress maintenance issues and support.

In-House Team of WordPress Masters

We are teamed with highly dedicated and experienced WordPress experts working hard for you. With the help of our Digital Marketing Experts, we make your website traffic grow with the SEO Optimization tasks we do.

Personal Consultancy

We not only help you with your WordPress website maintenance but also act as your personal consultant when it comes to choosing developers, themes, and plugins, etc.

Start in Seconds

Choose your plan, contact us and get quick fixes.

Complete Cover

Regardless of your plan selection, we make sure that your website is bug-free, loads speedily, and is secure and well-maintained.

Technical Support

Email us, visit us or make a call. Our website maintenance support is available 24×7 for you. Visit our Contact Us page.

How To Start?

To receive our WordPress maintenance service, choose a plan. Click on START button, and you’ll be diverted to our payment gateway. Make a payment, and shortly, you’ll receive an email from WP Enlight with a request for your login credentials. Updates will be notified to you in well-formatted reports via email as per your plan.